Disney World Where Dreams Come True?

Disney World Where Dreams Come True
“Where Dreams Come True” is introduced by Disney Parks. A Global Initiative Involving Global Consumer Insights BURBANK, California (7 June 2006) – Today, Disney Parks announced “Where Dreams Come True,” a global initiative that will unify its global efforts like never before and get to the heart of what makes Disney Parks special.

  1. This new organizing principle will usher in a new era of expanded global marketing and guest customization at Disney Parks, which will be highlighted by the “Year of a Million Dreams” celebration.
  2. Where Dreams Come True” will be Disney’s first-ever initiative that encompasses its entire global portfolio of parks and resorts.

It is heavily based on consumer insight gleaned from two years of global research that reveals a unique perspective of Disney Parks. The chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Jay Rasulo, stated that Disney Parks are synonymous with the phrase “Where Dreams Come True.” “We have a long history of listening to our guests, and through our research, they have told us consistently, whether surveyed in London, New York City, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, or Paris, that Disney Parks are synonymous with that phrase,” Rasulo said.

Our parks truly are ‘Where Dreams Come True’ The “Where Dreams Come True” philosophy will permeate virtually all consumer touchpoints, beginning with the vacation planning process and continuing through the Disney Park vacation experience and the return home. To ensure emotional resonance with audiences around the world, consistent global messaging and visual iconography will be based on the universally recognized principle of dreams.

“Due to the inherent effectiveness of the concept, this initiative has a global marketing scope. Ultimately, everyone has a dream – the concept transcends all cultures, languages, and geographic locations “Michael Mendenhall, executive vice president of worldwide marketing for Disney Destinations, LLC, stated.

“This initiative will speak with a unified voice to guests around the globe and will permeate multiple consumer touchpoints, elevating the vacation experience for our guests to an entirely new level.” The campaign’s creative elements capitalize on the findings of consumer research that identified Disney Parks as transformative experiences.

Walt Disney World: A Dream Come True (1986)

The series of inspirational video assets being created to support the event and campaign are intended to elicit an emotional response and magically convey the daily emotional transformations that occur at Disney Parks around the world. Disney Parks has assembled a team of world-class creative visionaries to execute this global campaign.

  1. A team of top advertising talent, including renowned photographers Gus Butera and Tarsem and Leslie Dektor, will implement Disney Parks’ first-ever global advertising campaign in collaboration with agencies Leo Burnett, McGarry-Bowen, and Yellow Shoes (Disney Parks’ in-house creative agency).
  2. Additionally, Disney Parks announced today that renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz has joined the creative team.
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Leibovitz will create a campaign centered on celebrities that conveys how these experiences transform people from ordinary to extraordinary. In addition to photography, Leibovitz will use film production for the first time. Rasulo stated, “This array of talent represents a true ‘Dream Team’ and demonstrates our excitement and dedication to our ‘Where Dreams Come True’ initiative.” Disney Parks, ushering in a new era of interactivity, will employ new technologies that will allow guests to customize their Disney vacations in unprecedented ways.

  1. Guests will be able to begin experiencing Disney Parks as soon as they begin planning their vacation, and their “custom” visit to a Disney Park will feature an unprecedented level of convenience and guest service.
  2. The unifying theme “Where Dreams Come True” will serve as the communications platform for all Disney Parks around the globe.

And each park will add messages about events and milestones with special appeal for its guests, such as the 15th anniversary of Disneyland Paris Resort, the 25th anniversary of Tokyo Disneyland Resort, and Hong Kong Disneyland’s continued introduction of the Disney Park experience to a new region of the world.

  • The “Year of a Million Dreams” celebration will begin in the United States on October 1, 2006, at Disneyland Resort in California and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.
  • As part of the “Disney Dreams Giveaway,” cast members at these Disney parks will award one million dreams, both big and small, to guests chosen at random.

Dreams granted on both coasts will include an overnight stay in Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World Resort or the Mickey Mouse Penthouse at Disneyland Resort, unique Disney vacation experiences, admission to special parties and theme park experiences, or a Golden FASTPASS ticket with exclusive access to some of Disney’s most popular attractions.

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What is the Disney World slogan?

Theme Parks by Disney | Where Dreams Come True

Does Disney still administer wake-up calls?

On Aug 6, 2009 Krista from GA Asked This response was provided before the transition to planDisney and may still contain references to Disney Parks Moms Panel. Experiences, policies, pricing, and other offerings are subject to change and may have changed since the time this response was compiled.

  • You may request a wake-up call at your WDW hotel room by calling the front desk of your hotel or pressing the wake-up call button on your room’s phone.
  • At WDW, the wake-up calls are recorded character voices.
  • Currently, there is no character selection.
  • The recording does change from time to time, but Stitch and Mickey have been the most recent callers.

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Create an Internal Language and Culture – “Words create images and corresponding assumptions in people’s minds,” the book states. And “the very words used to describe customers, work, and employees indicate how cast members should approach their roles.” Because of this, Disney uses an entirely different vocabulary within its organization.

  • Employees are known as “cast members,” while “customers” are referred to as “guests.” This helps to remind the entire Disney staff of their intended purpose and the significance of service.
  • The SUCCESS agency performs a similar function.
  • Internally, we refer to our clients as “investors” because they invest their resources in us; for them, we represent a financial investment.
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This helps to remind us daily of the significance of our jobs. Disney is also focused on developing a “performance culture,” which consists of “sets of location-specific behaviors, mannerisms, terms, and values that direct and enhance an employee’s role in a particular business unit.” Because Disney is such a large organization, it is insufficient to establish a single culture for the entire company.

Consequently, Disney cultivates diverse local cultures within the organization. In other words, different divisions of the organization establish their own values and objectives that are most pertinent to them. Consider the language your organization employs, as the words we use on a daily basis have a significant impact on how we perceive things and, as a result, our performance and results.

And depending on the size of your organization, do not allow a single culture to define the entire organization. Additionally, consideration should be given to the performance cultures of the various departments and locations.