How Far Is Daytona Beach From Disney?

How Far Is Daytona Beach From Disney
What is the least expensive method to go from Daytona Beach to Walt Disney World? The most affordable method to go from Daytona Beach to Walt Disney World is by car, which costs €13 to €20 and takes 1h 29m. More details How quickly can I go from Daytona Beach to Walt Disney World? The quickest method to go from Daytona Beach to Walt Disney World is by car, which will cost between €13 and €20 and take 1 hour and 29 minutes.

  1. More details What is the distance between Daytona Beach and Walt Disney World? From Daytona Beach to Walt Disney World is 104 kilometers.
  2. Drive roughly 124.3 kilometers.
  3. Obtain driving instructions How can I get without a car from Daytona Beach to Walt Disney World? The best way to go from Daytona Beach to Walt Disney World without a vehicle takes 1h 34m and costs between €65 and €90 via bus and cab.

More details How long does the journey between Daytona Beach and Walt Disney World take? It takes roughly 1h 34m, including transfers, to go from Daytona Beach to Walt Disney World. More details Can I drive to Walt Disney World from Daytona Beach? Yes, the trip from Daytona Beach to Walt Disney World by car is 124 kilometers.

What beach is closest to Disney World?

Closest Atlantic Beaches to Disney World and Orlando – Atlantic coast beaches Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Canaveral National Seashore, and Cocoa Beach are the nearest to Disney World (East). Each is around the same distance from Disney World, with Daytona Beach being just above Cape Canaveral, an hour and a half to the northeast.

Cocoa Beach is roughly an hour to the southeast, directly below Cape Canaveral, while New Smyrna and Canaveral National Seashore are slightly more remote hidden treasures for families who want uncrowded, undeveloped beaches. Vero Beach is little further away, but still highly popular with Disney enthusiasts.

Let’s examine every Atlantic Coast Beach:

Alcohol – While alcohol may not be the major issue for some during a vacation, it should be considered while traveling with children. Daytona Beach has always been renowned for its party scene, and the boardwalk is lined with several bars. Clearwater Beach offers a more laid-back atmosphere, and there are less bars in the neighborhood.

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Does Daytona Beach merit a visit?

Is Daytona Beach a Safe Destination? – Is Daytona Beach protected? Majority of the time, yeah. Daytona Beach, one of the most renowned beaches in the United States, is a major tourist attraction and vacation spot in Florida. The safety of oneself and one’s travel companions is frequently one of the first considerations while arranging a vacation.

If you follow safe travel procedures, Daytona Beach is a safe area to visit and enjoy a vacation. Reduce your likelihood of meeting criminals by staying in well-lit, tourist-friendly locations on the oceanfront of Daytona Beach. Avoid locations that are deemed risky, such as communities in the industrial region and several neighborhoods along the river.

By taking precautions to secure your valuables, obeying lifeguards and posted signs on the beach, and adhering to tourist-friendly areas, you can guarantee that your vacation to Daytona Beach is enjoyable and safe. With mild water temperatures, sunny sky, and a variety of activities, Daytona Beach is suitable for visitors of all ages.

Sample the Local Flavors in Orlando – Specific nightlife-related costs in Orlando: Craft Beer and Brewery Tour in Florida: $65 When real travel prices between Daytona Beach and Orlando are compared, it is clear that Orlando is more expensive. Not only is Daytona Beach substantially cheaper, but it is also a significantly less costly location.

What is the cost of a shuttle between Orlando and Daytona Beach?

Many out-of-town shuttles run from MCO Airport and may transport you to Central Florida’s most popular attractions. Commercial Lane spots A14-A15 (A-Side) and B14-B15 (B-Side) are available on the Ground Transportation Level on both the A-Side and B-Side of the Terminal (B-Side).

  • Groome Transportation (formerly DOTS) provides transportation to Flagler and Volusia Counties.
  • If you require transportation from Orlando (MCO) Airport to Daytona, this shuttle will get you there.
  • 38 is the cost of a one-way ticket from MCO to Daytona/DeLand/Deltona.
  • Call 386-257-5411 or read our review of Groome Transportation for more information.

Choose one of the following if you require a shuttle to Brevard County or The Beaches:

Company Phone Number
Arrow 5 Transport 407-832-1650
Busy Traveler Transportation 800-496-7433
Cocoa Beach Shuttle 321-631-4144
Melbourne Airport Shuttle 800-826-4544

The one-way fare for one passenger on the Cocoa Beach Shuttle is $45, with service available 24 hours a day. Group tickets are cheaper than individual fares. In addition to serving Port Canaveral and Cocoa Beach, they also serve the whole Brevard County, Disney, Universal, and I-Drive regions.

If you are traveling to Northwest Florida, Shuttleliner is an excellent transportation option. They provide shuttle service from Orlando Airport to Ocala, Florida. Adults pay $59 each trip, while children under the age of 8 pay $25. For further information, please visit their website or contact 352-237-9900.

Workman Transportation provides service between MCO Airport and The Villages, Florida. The one-way cost for their planned shared shuttle service is as low as $35. The location for pick-up at MCO is on Level 1. Workman Transport may be reached at 352-259-9398 for help with airport shuttle reservations, cancellations, and general enquiries.

What is the closest beach to Disney World in Florida? – Cocoa Beach is 70 minutes away and is the closest beach to Disney World. However, there are several beaches in Florida that are less than two hours away by car from Disney World. Our favorite beaches in Florida are Clearwater Beach and St. Pete Beach. Each is two hours from Disney World.

How far is Disney from Clearwater Beach?

The Beaches Closest To Disney World And Orlando July 30, 2017 Sandy The nearest hotels to Disney World, Orlando, and Kissimmee are not too distant. So if you need a break from amusement parks during your vacation, one of the finest day excursions you can do is to the beach (of course that is only if you have a car).

  1. Florida offers some of the finest white sand beaches in the world.
  2. Both west coast and east coast beaches are accessible by car from Orlando and WDW, and each has its advantages.
  3. The beaches on the East side face the Atlantic Ocean, while the beaches on the West side face the Gulf of Mexico.
  4. The Gulf of Mexico features warmer seas, whiter beaches, and calmer waves than the Atlantic Ocean.

The beaches of the Atlantic Ocean feature colder seas, darker sand, and higher waves, and they are normally thirty minutes to an hour closer than the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. If you have never seen the water before, Florida’s beaches may be the best spot for you to do so.

  1. Here are some of the beaches nearest to Disney World.
  2. Cocoa Beach is 71 miles (114 km) away.
  3. Travel Time: 70 minutes Cocoa beach is around an hour’s drive from Walt Disney World Florida and is the nearest beach.
  4. The beach is twelve miles long and offers swimming, shopping, fishing, and air boat excursions, among other things.

In addition to being one of the beaches closest to Disney, Cocoa Beach is also next to Cape Canaveral. Cocoa beach is an ideal location from which to observe the launch of the space shuttle from Cape Canaveral. Observing a shuttle launch is a wonderful experience for people of all ages.

  1. Interested parties should visit this website.
  2. The Kennedy Space Center is a local attraction that is enjoyable for children and adults.
  3. It is a fantastic day excursion with several activities and educational opportunities.77 miles is the distance to Daytona Beach (123 km) Travel Time: 80 minutes This beach is one of the most popular on the east coast of Florida.

On the beach, you may surf, fish, sailboard, water ski, swim, and even drive! Due of the Daytona 500, you may wish to avoid Daytona beach if your trip falls in February. This is a very popular event in the region, and Daytona Beach is quite packed at this time.88 miles is the distance to Clearwater Beach (141 km) Travel Time: 90 minutes Clearwater Beach is approximately a 90-minute drive from Walt Disney World Florida and is the nearest Gulf Coast beach.

Clearwater beach is a nice beach to bring younger children to due to its more tranquil seas. The beaches on the Atlantic coast are often characterized by larger waves. Cocoa Beach, located on the Atlantic Ocean, is the beach nearest to Disney. The distance to the other beaches is nonetheless rather short.

Depending on what you’re searching for on a beach, traveling further may seem worthwhile. Villa By the Castle may be the ideal location for you. You’ll be just 1.5 miles from Disney World during your stay in this lovely 6-bedroom vacation property. You will also be near enough to the Gulf and Atlantic coasts to organize day trips to both.