How Far Is West Palm Beach From Disney?

How Far Is West Palm Beach From Disney
What companies provide service between West Palm Beach, Florida, United States and Walt Disney World, Florida, United States? – In approximately 4 hours and thirty minutes, you can take a bus from West Palm Beach to Walt Disney World via Kissimmee, Lynx Kissimmee Intermodal Station, and Wdw Transportation & Ticket Ctr.

  1. is the American Airlines website.
  2. Average duration 1h 10m When daily Price range €100 – €360 Website of Southwest Airlines: Average duration 1h 6m When daily Price range €80 – €270 The website of Spirit Airlines is
  3. Average duration 1h 3m When daily Price range €35 – €230 Average duration 1 hour When daily Estimated cost €75 – €340 Website of Silver Airways: Average duration 1h 20m When daily Price range €55 – €230 Delta’s website is

Average duration 1 hour and five minutes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday are not Saturday. Estimated price €150 – €280 Amtrak Amtrak is a rail service that connects three Canadian provinces to the United States. Amtrak operates more than 300 trains per day, spanning 34,000 kilometers and 21,000 route miles.

  • These medium and long distance intercity services travel to over 500 destinations at speeds of up to 240km/h.
  • It was established in 1971 in Washington, D.C., and offers four travel classes: First Class, Sleeper, Business, and Coach.
  • There are five subclasses of ticket prices: Saver, Value, Flexible, Business, and Premium.

Amtrak trains are renowned for their spacious seats, electrical outlets, large windows, and storage space. +1 800-872-7245 Telephone Average duration 3 hours and seven minutes Four times per day. Estimated cost between €30 and €50. Seats for €30 to €50 Premium €190 – €270 Flexi Coach Seat $55 to $85 Executive Seat €55 – €80 Brightline Tri Rail Greyhound United States Greyhound, an industry-leading bus company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, provides service to over 3800 destinations in North America, Mexico, and Canada.

Greyhound transports approximately 18 million passengers per year who travel approximately 5.4 billion miles (8.6 billion km) on their fleet of approximately 1700 vehicles. Greyhound buses can be boarded and disembarked at official Greyhound stations, partner stations, and curbside stops. There are approximately 230 Greyhound stations in the United States where you can catch your bus and purchase tickets, which are also available on the company’s website and mobile app.

+1 214-849-8100/1-800-231-2222 Telephone [email protected] Email The website Average duration: 3 hours Frequency: twice per day Price range: €21 to €30 Website: Economy €21 – €30 Flexible €40 – €60 The website for Lynx Central Florida Transport is

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Average duration is 57 minutes per hour Frequency: Every 30 minutes Estimated fare: €2 Schedules are available at Approximately 31 minutes Frequency: Every 30 minutes Estimated fare: €2 Schedules are available at Flixbus USA (855) 626-8585 Telephone Website Average duration 2 hours and 25 minutes Frequency Twice daily Estimated price €13 – €50 Timetables are available at

Standard Adult Purchase Price: €18 – €50 Advance Adult Purchase Price: €13 – €18

How close is West Palm Beach to Orlando?

It is convenient to travel to Orlando from West Palm Beach, as there are two daily trips. The journey will take a minimum of 2 hours and 25 minutes and will involve three stops. Traveling with FlixBus is not only quick, but also inexpensive. If you book in advance online or via the app, you can expect to pay as little as $24.99 for a ticket between West Palm Beach and Orlando.

When asked the name of the city where Walt Disney World is located, you would likely respond, “Orlando, of course!” In fact, a majority of Disney’s property is located closer to Kissimmee. If you choose not to stay at a Disney-owned hotel, Kissimmee offers a variety of budget-friendly hotels just outside the Walt Disney World resort.

  1. Depending on where in the city you are, you can be within a stone’s throw of any of the four Disney theme parks, as Kissimmee borders such a large portion of Disney property.
  2. Issimmee’s main thoroughfare is Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, also known as Highway 192.
  3. Its western portion is immediately adjacent to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

If you stay at a hotel near Sherbeth Road or Black Lake Road, such as the Baymont Inn & Suites Celebration or Mystic Dunes Resort, you can reach the park via back roads in a matter of minutes. Additionally, you are very close to Blizzard Beach water park.

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Is a trip to Palm Beach, Florida worthwhile?

Planning a vacation along the East Coast of Florida? Explore the best outdoor activities in West Palm Beach for some fun in the sun. West Palm Beach, the county seat of Palm Beach County, is one of the most popular vacation destinations in South Florida.

The city is renowned for its stunning beaches and cultural landmarks. Beaches, outdoor activities, and museums are among the most popular tourist attractions in West Palm Beach, which you can visit while touring the city’s top tourist destinations. South Florida has one of the most innovative culinary scenes in the country.

What should you do in West Palm Beach? This guide to the top tourist destinations in West Palm Beach, Florida, will help you plan the perfect vacation.

The Initiation When the first settlers arrived in what would become Palm Beach, the entire area was known as Lake Worth, after Second Seminole War veteran Major General William Jenkins Worth. Pioneers struggled to clear land for their dwellings and to cultivate their crops.

  • In 1872, the first permanent settlers arrived.
  • According to early settler accounts, Palm Beach got its name from the Providencia shipwreck.
  • In January 1878, the ship carrying coconuts from Havana to Barcelona ran aground.
  • Early settlers wasted no time claiming salvage and planting non-native coconuts in an effort to establish a commercial coconut industry in South Florida.

The Past as a Tourist Attraction In 1880, the Coconut Grove House, the area’s first hotel, opened to accommodate tourists after word of the area’s beauty had spread northward. By the beginning of the 1890s, the island community had several hotels, businesses, and winter residents.

With the opening of Henry M. Flagler’s Royal Poinciana Hotel in 1894 and the arrival of the Florida East Coast Railroad in 1896, the pioneer era came to an end. The railroad tracks crossed Lake Worth so that trains could deliver their passengers directly to Flagler System hotels, including the oceanfront Palm Beach Inn.

In 1903, a fire destroyed the hotel, which was soon renamed The Breakers because so many guests wrote asking for a room “down by the breakers.” Henry Flagler commissioned the construction of a larger, more luxurious hotel at the same location, which opened the following year.

In March 1925, a second fire destroyed the hotel, which was replaced by the magnificent stone structure that continues to serve as a landmark in Palm Beach today. Incorporation On April 17, 1911, Palm Beach was incorporated as a municipality. That evening, 35 men (women did not yet have the right to vote) gathered at the Palm Beach Hotel and voted to incorporate the second recognized municipality in Palm Beach County.

Elisha N. Dimick was elected mayor, John P. McKenna was elected town clerk, Joseph Borman was elected marshal, and J.B. Donnelly, William Fremd, John W. Doe, Enoch Root, and J.J. Ryman were elected councilmen. The Garden Club of Palm Beach sponsored the development of a Town Plan in 1929.

  1. World-Famous Charm Palm Beach is a fully developed community renowned for its beauty, quality of life, and small-town charm, the result of over a century of evolution.
  2. It contains “Captains of Industry” and the world-renowned Worth Avenue.
  3. Approximately 9,000 residents call Palm Beach their permanent home, while an additional 20,000 enjoy the winter months in a seasonal residence.
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Palm Beach residents donate more per capita to charity than any other community in the United States. The Town is governed by a Mayor and a five-member Council, operates under the Council-Manager form of government, and provides a comprehensive array of high-quality municipal services.

How far is Orlando from West Palm Beach?

How far between West Palm Beach and Orlando West Palm Beach is located in the United States at the coordinates (26.7153,-80.0534), and Orlando is located in the United States at the coordinates (28.5383,-81.3792). The calculated flying distance from West Palm Beach to Orlando is 241 kilometers or 150 miles.

City/Place Latitude and Longitude GPS Coordinates
West Palm Beach 26.7153, -80.0534 26° 42´ 55.2240” N80° 3´ 12.1320” W
Orlando 28.5383, -81.3792 28° 32´ 18.0240” N81° 22´ 45.2640” W

How far between West Palm Beach and Orlando