How Many Hotels Are In Disney World?

How Many Hotels Are In Disney World
On-site Disney accommodations – On Walt Disney World property, there are 32 resorts and hotels.22 of the 32 resorts are owned and operated by Disney. The Disney resorts are separated into five categories: Deluxe (priced between $205 and $805), Moderate (priced between $139 and $199), Value (priced between $79 and 127), Disney Vacation Club (priced between $269 and $1,790), and Campground (priced between $39 and $319).

  1. On the Walt Disney World property, a large number of hotel resort complexes are also notable.
  2. The non-themed hotels are privately owned by companies such as Starwood (Westin and Sheraton), Holiday Inn, Best Western, and Hilton.
  3. Guests arriving at Orlando International Airport can be transported to their Disney resort via Disney’s Magical Express service, with BAGS Inc.

responsible for transporting their bags. After boarding custom motor coaches and viewing a video about the Walt Disney World Resort, guests’ luggage is delivered directly to their rooms.

How many hotels are there at Disney World?

There are currently over 25 Disney Resort hotels to choose from in the Disney Resorts Collection, ranging from budget-friendly accommodations to our luxurious deluxe Resort hotels. Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary Resort of Disney The Boulder Ridge Villas are located at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. Copper Creek Villas & Cabins are located at Copper Creek.

The Disney Resorts Collection offers Guests a variety of options that exemplify the Disney difference, such as unique accommodations, distinctive dining options, themed rooms, and more. Staying at a Disney Resort hotel keeps you close to the theme parks, water parks, and Disney Springs shopping district.

What is the name of the primary Disney hotel?

As the crown jewel of our hotels, the Disneyland ® Hotel offers the highest level of quality and service, with every detail meticulously attended to. The hotel is situated in a prime location at the entrance to Disneyland® Park, overlooking Disneyland Park and Fantasia Gardens.

There is nothing quite like experiencing the Disney magic throughout your entire stay. This is one reason why guests frequently book resorts on Walt Disney World property. You will not only enjoy Disney at the theme parks, but also at any of the themed resorts that Disney has to offer.

On Disney property, there are over twenty-five resorts to choose from, so you can’t go wrong! Here are ten surprising facts you may not have known about Walt Disney World Resorts.10. The quantity of hotel rooms On the Walt Disney World Resort Property, more than twenty-five resorts house over 30,000 rooms.

If you stayed in every room every day, it would take you 68 years to stay in every room on the property! Does it sound like a lot? There would be an additional 10,000 hotel rooms if rooms in independently owned properties (such as Sheraton, Four Seasons, and Hilton) were included.

  1. Now it appears that we will be staying longer than 68 years, which is certainly not a bad thing! The Wilderness Lodge at Disney 9.
  2. Number of Accommodated Guests Together, all of the Walt Disney Resorts can accommodate approximately 160,000 guests.
  3. That’s a massive amount of Mickey fans! While that may seem like a large number, there are also over 10 resorts owned by other large resort chains on the Walt Disney World property (as mentioned above).
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These resorts can accommodate an extra 50,000 guests! 8. Quantity of Convention Venues In addition to amusement parks, Disney also hosts business conventions. The Walt Disney World Resorts provide seven convention resorts that can accommodate any company’s size, theme, or objective.

How awesome would it be to hold a convention in the happiest place on earth? 7. Wedding Destinations The day you marry the love of your life is most likely the happiest day of your life. It is well-known that Walt Disney World hosts some of the most beautiful weddings in their theme parks, but did you know that many of the resorts also feature breathtaking venues? Whether you’re looking for elegance, a modern twist, or a traditional setting, the hotel has the perfect venue for you! Choose between the Grand Floridian Resort, the Boardwalk Inn, the Yacht and Beach Club, the Contemporary Resort, and the Swan and Dolphin for your event.

Even though these wedding venues aren’t in the parks, you’d be pleasantly surprised by their beauty and enchantment! 6. When the Disney Imagineers decided to construct the Pop Century resort, they wanted to create ten buildings, one for each decade of the 20th century.

  • The original plan called for a bridge to separate the 1900-1940 buildings (which were to be labeled “The Legendary Years”) from the 1950-1990 buildings (which were to be labeled “The Classic Years”) on opposite sides of the property.
  • The tragic events of September 11th caused a delay in the construction of the remaining four buildings in the ‘Legendary Years’ section due to a decrease in tourism.
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After several years of inactivity, the concept for Art of Animation materialized. They decided to construct this new resort on the land intended for “The Legendary Years.” Three larger-than-life structures with family suites were constructed, while the fourth structure, which was originally constructed for the Pop Century, was converted into standard rooms.

Because of this, the Little Mermaid section of the Art of Animation resort is unlike any other section. Quite intriguing, eh? 5. Room for 20 More Hotels Last year, while participating in the Keys to the Kingdom Tour, my tour guide informed me that Disney still has enough land to construct 20 additional resorts.

Imagine having almost fifty resorts to choose from for your next vacation. Sounds quite enchanted, if you ask me! 4. River Region In the back of the campgrounds at Disney’s Fort Wilderness is one of the most beloved water parks among old-school Disney guests.

  1. River Country was a wonderful place to splash around and bask in the Florida sun.
  2. After Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach were created, River Country was permanently closed, to the dismay of many Disney fans.
  3. Since the park’s closure, it has never been touched! The slides, chairs, pools, and everything else were left untouched to simply deteriorate.

In recent years, numerous River Country diehards have returned to explore this abandoned area (and have even posted pictures and videos of how it looks now on YouTube and social media). This is not something you should attempt, as it is strictly prohibited and could result in your arrest for trespassing and eventual expulsion from Disney World property.

  • This area is also visible (from a distance) from Bay Lake, which connects to the Magic Kingdom Resort areas.
  • Disney has announced that this area will become the Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge resort, with a possible opening date of 2022.
  • UPDATE! Before COVID-19 struck, plans for the new resort at this location were well underway.
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Now, Disney has suspended construction. Sadly, it appears that this project will be put on the back burner for the time being! Reflections: Disney’s Lakeside Lodge in an Artistic Rendering Cinema under the stars The best way to unwind while staying at the happiest place on earth is to lounge by the pool or beach and watch a Disney classic.

  1. Every Disney Resort offers Movies Under the Stars nightly by the resort pool or beach.
  2. Each night, guests can unwind while watching a different Disney film.
  3. Each resort’s front desk has schedules for the various movies that are being shown.
  4. This has gradually become more popular at the resorts, so Disney has expanded it to ensure that all guests can enjoy this evening treat! Performing Music There is only one resort with a live band playing as guests enter the grand lobby.

The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa is renowned for its elegant Victorian décor, so a live band performing classic tunes is a fitting addition to the resort’s grand lobby. In addition to the classic band, there is only one harpist at the Walt Disney World Resort, and she is located at the award-winning Victoria and Albert’s restaurant within the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa.1.

Hidden Mickeys Hidden Mickeys have become quite popular in amusement parks. Guests have participated in numerous scavenger hunts in search of hidden Mickeys in virtually every space and location, but did you know that there are hundreds of hidden Mickeys at the resorts? Examine the shower curtains, bed sheets, carpets, wallpaper, and everything else in great detail.

You will likely notice how intricately our favorite mouse has been integrated into the theme of the resort. Consider planning and booking your next Disney vacation with a reputable Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, such as Mickey Travels. They will assist you in obtaining the best Walt Disney World offer, provide expert guidance, and their services are completely free.