How Much Are Kyber Crystals At Disney?

How Much Are Kyber Crystals At Disney
How Much Are Kyber Crystals At Disney How Much Are Kyber Crystals At Disney By 2 Comments Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is home to interactive activities that allow you to design your own droid and lightsaber. Sith Holocron with Crystal of Force Guidance Disney has now raised the ante by introducing a NEW method for customizing your lightsaber and holocrons! Every lightsaber and holocron is powered by the kyber crystal.

  1. At Galaxy’s Edge, you can select the hue of your kyber crystal to reflect your disposition and the side of the Force you represent.
  2. Are you on the Dark Side or fighting with the Resistance as a Jedi? Kyber crystals can be used to symbolize a decision.
  3. The crystals let you to modify your lightsaber and interact with a holocron.

Two of the Jedi and Sith crystals have been revamped by Disney and are now known as Force Guidance Kyber Crystals. The individually wrapped crystals may be found in Dok-Den Ondar’s of Antiquities. They get inspiration from Yoda and Darth Vader. Clearly, the two stones emit quite different energies! The Jedi Holocron is dark green and radiates the same hue when put into a lightsaber or another holocron.

Yoda Force Directional Crystals Like some of the earlier kyber crystals, once you install the Yoda crystal into a Jedi Holocron, it talks! It becomes your own personal Jedi Magic 8-Ball that will provide you advice on any of your trips. Simply ask it a question and Yoda will help you find your way! Yoda Force Guidance Crystal The crimson Darth Vader Guidance Crystal can be put into a Sith Holocron or a lightsaber.

Once installed, feel free to ask Darth Vader any question you wish! You can hear his famed breathing and gloomy attitude as he talks. But careful, his advise may not be as optimistic as that of Yoda! We questioned the holocron, “Will today be an easy day for us?” He replied, “Do not put your reliance in the prediction.” Yikes! Crystal of Darth Vader’s Force Guidance Each crystal costs $14.99 and may only be used with a Galaxy’s Edge lightsaber or holocron. How Much Are Kyber Crystals At Disney How Much Are Kyber Crystals At Disney

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What is the cost of more kyber crystals at Disneyland?

How Much Are Kyber Crystals At Disney Are there spare parts available? – At this time, the only spare parts available are extra kyber crystals, which may be purchased from Dok-Den Ondar’s of Antiquities. Additional gems cost around $20 each. In addition to the hues offered at Savi’s, yellow and white kyber crystals may be found here (although their popularity often means that they are sold out).

Price Listing of All Disney Legacy Lightsabers

Saber Price Location
Count Dooku (Jedi Master) $169.99 Dok Ondar’s
Shadow Maul $159.99 Dok Ondar’s
Mace Windu Set $219.99 Keystone Clothiers/Tatooine Traders
Kylo Ren $169.99 Dok Ondar’s

Are lightsabers permitted on rides?

Other Questions from Savi – Do I need a reservation? Yes! You should make a reservation as soon as possible for the experience. You may do so online or through the My Disney Experience mobile application. May I bring someone along? Yes! Savi’s permits one additional visitor per reservation at this time.

We recommend bringing a photographer, as you will likely be too preoccupied to snap pictures yourself! Can I enter without making a reservation? No. You may only attend Savi’s Workshop with a reservation or as a guest of someone with a reservation. How long does it take? From check-in until the ceremony, the entire event takes around 30 minutes.

Can I ride with a lightsaber? Surprisingly, several attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios can readily accept lightsabers! If you are unable to bring your pet on board, cast members are adept at caring for them during your voyage. Be prepared to take them with you around the park, as they do not fit in lockers.