How Much Is A Disney Dollar Worth?

How Much Is A Disney Dollar Worth
How Much Are Disney Dollars Worth? – Disney Dollars will range in value from $1 to $50. Obviously, the value will depend on the type and rarity of the card. You can determine the true value of these dollars by visiting online stores and marketplaces that sell them.

However, Disney Dollars do not sell for thousands of dollars, so it is best to temper your expectations. Even extremely rare Disney Dollars rarely fetch more than $50. Before making an investment, it is essential to evaluate the value. It will assist you in determining whether you are making the correct decision.

This is because the majority of Disney Dollars are not worth $1 or even $10. Therefore, you will find these denominations most frequently in collections.

How much are Disney dollars worth today?

– By Paige Price Probably the most well-known company in the world is Disney. California, Florida, Paris, France, Shanghai, China, Hong Kong, China, and Tokyo, Japan all feature Disney Parks. Undoubtedly, a large number of people around the world are familiar with Disney.

However, were you aware that Disney has its own currency? These Bills are for the most dedicated Disney collectors. There are villains, heroes, princesses, and even pirates on the bills. Between 1987 and 2014, they issued a total of 42 distinct types of currency, but the dollar bill remained unchanged.

If you made a purchase on a Disney cruise ship, at Disney’s Castaway Cay, or in a Disney store, you would receive US dollars as change. Disney would recoup the expenditures by selling merchandise in the parks. The Disney World recreation coupon was created in 1971, shortly after the opening of Disney World.

There was only one denomination issued. In contrast to Disney dollars, the coupon had no cash value and was issued to commemorate the opening of Disney World. In addition, only VIP members and special guests received them. For the occasion, coupons were only issued in 1971 and 1972. The 1972 series are rarer because fewer were produced.

Now, if you wanted to purchase an excellent coupon for recreational use, it could cost you thousands of dollars. Although they are not officially known as Disney Dollars, these coupons are regarded as the precursor to the Disney Dollar. In 1987, Harry Brice, a Disney artist who created silhouettes, attended the Disney Park convention and was astonished that people would purchase anything bearing the “Disney” name.

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Therefore, he devised the plan to create a souvenir item that resembled money and would be sold in the parks. Soon after he presented his concept, it was put into action. The printing was performed by the Battle Creek, Michigan-based EPI of Marketing Service. This company was chosen due to its reputation for high-quality printing and steel engraving.

Using special 100% cotton paper, they were also able to give the bills the appearance and feel of real currency. It took 203 hours to engrave and create the two plates for the $1 and $5 bills.1987 saw the publication of two series, the A and D series.

  • The A series was initially published on May 5, 1987.
  • It was dubbed the A series because the first day could be spent at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.
  • The new D series became available at Disney World on October 2, 1987.
  • In nine series of the 42 different types of currency, the first design of the one dollar bill was utilized.

In 1987, Disney made a profit of $5,500,000 from the one dollar bill. The front featured Mickey Mouse and the back featured the Disney castle. In 1993, to commemorate the 65th anniversary of Mickey Mouse, a new design for the dollar bill was created. The bill featured Mickey on the front and the phrase “Mickey’s 65th” above him.

  1. On the back of the bill, Mickey is seated in a car.
  2. The 10-dollar bill was issued in 1990.
  3. In 2005, fifteen years later, the $50 bill was issued.
  4. Charles Boyer, a Disney artist, designed the $50 bill to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Disneyland, which marked the beginning of Disney’s Happiest Celebration on Earth.
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This day also marks the 18th anniversary of the release of the modern Disney Dollar on May 5, 1987. They have also released a T series for Disney Stores since 2005. In addition, they created two Pirates series, the E and F series, between 2007 and 2011.2007 marked the twentieth anniversary of Disney Dollars.

  • For the occasion, Disney issued a series of commemorative banknotes.
  • These were the very first Disney princess-themed banknotes! The one dollar bill features Ariel, the five dollar bill features Aurora, and the ten dollar bill features Cinderella.
  • On the reverse side of each card is a castle where dreams come true.

Also in 2007, Disney produced a $1 Pirates of the Caribbean series. In 2008, the Mickey Mouse series was created to commemorate Mickey Mouse’s 80th anniversary. In 2009, the series “What Will You Celebrate?” was created in honor of YOU! The “What Will You Celebrate?” series was intended to correspond with the annual Disney theme.

Rather than featuring a single character on each bill, multiple characters are featured. On the front of the one dollar bill, Mickey is shown holding a cake, with Pluto standing next to him. Minnie and Daisy are depicted on the five dollar bill wearing party hats. The ten dollar bill depicts Mickey, Donald Duck, and Goofy sitting at a table with a birthday cake and gifts.

Goofy is simultaneously blowing candles and frosting into Mickey’s face! My favorite because it makes me laugh! The reverse side of each card is identical, featuring a Disney castle in the clouds surrounded by Mickey-shaped balloons. Four years later, the final series of Disney dollars was issued, but only one dollar bills were used.

  1. In 2013, Disney came up with the concept of placing the villain on the front of the bill and the hero on the back.
  2. Peter Pan is the theme of the first dollar bill, which features Captain Hook on the front and Wendy and Peter Pan on the back.
  3. The theme of the second dollar bill is Sleeping Beauty.
  4. Maleficent is featured on the front, while Aurora and Prince Philip are featured on the back.
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The theme of the final dollar bill is the Little Mermaid. On the front is Ursula, while Ariel and Prince Eric are on the back. The Disney dollars have been produced every year since 1987 except in the years 1992, 2004, 2010 and 2014. ​ Sadly on May 14th, 2016 the Disney dollars were discontinued.

Disney has announced that Disney Dollars will continue to be accepted at restaurants, resort hotels, shops, ticket booths, and throughout the parks. They are worth significantly more than their face value, so it would be unwise to spend them. The reason they were discontinued was because credit cards were used more frequently than bills.

Uncirculated one dollar bills cost between $130 and $175, and their value increases with denomination. Since they are no longer being printed, they are in high demand. If you ever find Disney Dollars, you should keep them because they are worth significantly more than their face value.

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How much is a 1999 Disney Dollar?

Disneyland $1 Disney Dollar Bill, R-059, UNC, Series A-A, 1999.

Quantity Bank Wire Credit Card
Any Quantity $31.67 $32.99