How Much Is The Lightning Lane At Disney World?

How Much Is The Lightning Lane At Disney World
Personalized Lightning Lane Animal Kingdom 2022 – Next, let’s examine what the Animal Kingdom’s individual lightning lane is. Animal Kingdom’s individual lightning lane, Avatar Flight of Passage, is another of Walt Disney World’s most popular individual lightning lane options.

How much does Lightning Lane at Disney World cost?

Difference Between Lightning Lane And Fast Pass – Essentially, Lightning Lanes are paid FastPasses. FastPass was once complimentary for all Disney World guests. You could also use a FastPass for the same attraction multiple times. Lightning Lane is included in the cost of Genie + ($15 per day), but there are additional rides that cost extra.

How much do Magic Kingdom’s lightning lanes cost?

A Sample Magic Kingdom Visit with Genie+ – Here’s an itinerary from an actual day I spent at Magic Kingdom utilizing Genie+ and a dedicated Lightning Lane for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Unless otherwise specified, you can assume that the Genie+ selections were made consecutively, or approximately 15 minutes prior to the scheduled return time. Noted are the rides I completed via Lightning Lane.

  • 6:30AM Buy Genie+ (approximately $15 to $25 tax)
  • 7AM Book 9AM Jungle Cruise Lightning Lane in Genie+
  • 8:45AM Enter Magic Kingdom.
  • Purchase Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Lightning Lane for $10 plus tax at 9 a.m.
  • 9:08AM Large-scale Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • 9:16AM Waterfall Mountain
  • (Jungle Cruise breaks down, so Lightning Lane converts to a “Multiple Experience” pass valid for the entire day
  • I purchase a Peter Pan’s Flight Lightning Lane for 11:20 a.m. in Genie+ separately)
  • 9:40AM Treasure of the Caribbean
  • 10:02AM Haunted House
  • 10:24AM Below the Sea
  • 10:38AM Insane Tea Party
  • 10:50AM Dumbo
  • 11AM Barnstormer
  • 11:14AM PeopleMover
  • 11:52AM Peter Pan (Lightning Lane 7 minutes vs 70 standby)
  • 12:00 Noon meal at Cosmic Rays
  • 12:49PM The character Winnie the Pooh (Lightning Lane 7 minutes vs 40 standby)
  • 12:58PM The term Buzz Lightyear (Lightning Lane walk on vs 30 standby)
  • 1:21PM 7D Mine Train (Lightning Lane 11 minutes vs 60 standby)
  • 1:44PM Small Planet (Lightning Lane 7 minutes vs 30 standby)
  • Space Mountain at 16:43 (reported 30 minutes, actual 34 minutes)
  • Tomorrowland Speedway at 15:06 (Lightning Lane 6 minutes vs 20 standby)
  • 3:30PM Monsters Incorporated (posted 10 minutes, actual 16)
  • Dole whip on the island of Aloha
  • 4:20PM Magic Carpets (Lightning Lane 6 minutes vs 20 standby)
  • 4:00:34 Jungle Cruise (Lightning Lane 6 minutes vs 65 standby)

Typically, we devote an entire blog post to our one-day Magic Kingdom itinerary. This post has not yet been updated to reflect Genie+, but it will be updated shortly.

What is better genie or lightning lane?

What’s the Difference Between Lightning Lanes, Genie+, and Individual Attraction Selections? – Priority comes first: What is the difference between Individual Attraction Selections, Genie+, and Lighting Lanes? Simply put, Lightning Lanes are essentially the same as the previous FastPass lines, albeit for a fee.

  1. In other words, the Lightning Lane is the route you will take to bypass all of the individuals waiting in the standby line.
  2. In contrast, Genie+ and Individual Attraction Selections are the means by which you can reserve Lightning Lanes.
  3. Therefore, regardless of whether you purchase Genie+, Individual Attraction Selections, or both, you will utilize the Lightning Lane.
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Individual Lightning Lane Selections will be reserved for the most popular E-ticket rides, while Disney Genie+ will allow guests to bypass lines at over 40 attractions. Consider attractions with virtual queues or rides with typically lengthy wait times.

Does Lightning Lane cost per individual?

How Much Do Lightning Lane Selections Cost Individually? – Prices vary by attraction and day of the year, and Disney may not disclose these details in advance. However, Individual Lightning Lane pricing has thus far ranged from $7 to $22 per person per ride, with many attractions costing a few dollars more (but still within this range) on weekends as opposed to weekdays.

How much per person does the lightning lane cost?

Can I use Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane in conjunction with Rider Switch? – Yes! Rider Switch at Disneyland is a system that allows parents to trade off caring for small children who are too young or too afraid to ride certain rides, while only having to wait in line once.

One parent or adult stays behind with an infant or toddler while the others ride. When the first group of riders is finished, they pass the child to the next adult rider. For attractions with Lightning Lanes (both those on Genie+ and those with a separate fee), the second group always uses the Lightning Lane to avoid having to wait again.

Rider switch is a fantastic perk for adventurous older siblings because it allows them to double up and ride with adult number two if they so choose. At Disneyland, the second group of riders can consist of up to three people (as opposed to only two at Walt Disney World), meaning two additional people can ride with the second parent/adult.

  • When the first group of riders uses the Lightning Lane, it can be difficult to predict how this will unfold.
  • On occasion, cast members have required only the first group of riders to have purchased Genie+ or paid for Lightning Lane in order to access the attraction’s Lightning Lane.
  • The second group automatically receives it due to how Rider Switch operates.

As has always been the case at Walt Disney World, cast members are increasingly requiring all riders to have a Genie+ reservation or pay for Lightning Lane access. Therefore, if you wish to avoid being turned away, it is prudent to make reservations for all riders.

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How much does each lightning lane ride cost?

Check out our exhaustive list of rides and attractions at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort that are accessible via the new Disney Genie+ service, as well as some attractions that are part of the Individual Lightning Lane option. As detailed in our comprehensive guide, Genie+ costs between $15 and $22 per ticket per day at Disney World and $25 per ticket per day at Disneyland.

How many Genie plus lightning lanes are provided daily?

Are there restrictions on the number of reservations I can make? – There is a daily limit of two Individual Lightning Lane purchases per guest. Guests cannot reserve the same ride twice on the same day using Genie+. There are restrictions on how frequently you can make reservations with Genie+.

How many Genie plus lightning lane passes are available each day?

When Can I Choose My Own Individual Lightning Lane? This is somewhat more perplexing. Individual Lightning Lane reservations can be made beginning at 7 a.m. the day of your visit if you are staying at a Disney resort on property. Daily purchases are limited to two Individual Lightning Lane options.

How long is the window for lightning lane?

Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane are now operational at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. The new paid line-skipping system allows guests to schedule a return time and avoid potentially lengthy standby line waits. However, what if you are early or late for your Lightning Lane pass? Is there a period of grace? Good news! Yes, it appears that Genie+ Lightning Lane reservations have a grace period.

  • The new system replicates the previous experience guests had with FastPass+ selections.
  • Guests who choose the Lightning Lane option for an attraction will have one hour to return to the ride.
  • For instance, a guest may have a reservation for Lightning Lane on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m.

Then, they can scan in between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m. to use the Lightning Lane line. Suppose, however, that the guest arrives at 1:55 p.m. Will they be admitted after being scanned? Yes! Similar to FastPass+, Lightning Lane will allow guests to scan in five minutes before their window begins.

  • The ‘Redeem’ button will become active five minutes before the scheduled window.
  • Additionally, you’re in luck if you’re running late.
  • Lightning Lane permits guests to scan in up to fifteen minutes after their allotted one-hour window.
  • Cast members may permit guests to scan in after this time, but this is handled on a case-by-case basis.

These grace periods may vary depending on the park’s activity level on a given day. Cast members may extend the grace period if there are few guests. If the parks are crowded, times may become more rigid. These grace periods, like everything else at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, are subject to change.

  • Currently, they correspond to our experiences with FastPass+, and we’re pleased that this new system offers flexibility.
  • Related: Can a Lightning Lane reservation be canceled? Since 2018, David has been writing about Disney.
  • Notes from Neverland was created so he could express his love for everything Disney, including Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and Disney Cruise Line.
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How much does lightning lane cost per individual?

Individual Selections for Lightning Lane Entrance – Here is where the confusion begins. There are Lightning Lanes for a few attractions that are not part of Disney Genie+. Guests who use Genie+ to ride attractions will enter through the Lightning Lane.

Purchasing Disney Genie+ will not grant access to them. To access the Lightning Lane for these few attractions, you must pay a separate per-person fee of $7 to $25 per attraction. Per day, guests may only purchase admission to two of these attractions. These Individual Attraction Selections are, as you might expect, the most popular attractions in each park.

Disney has experimented with a variety of unappealing names for these attractions, but none of them have stuck. Therefore, depending on the source you’re reading, you may encounter references to “Individual Attraction Selection” (IAS), Individual Lightning Lane Entrance Selections (ILL), or sometimes just paid Lightning Lane.

How do you obtain free access to Disney World’s Lightning Lane?

Reserving Lightning Lanes – Once Genie Plus has been added to your MyDisneyExperience account, you can begin reserving Lightning Lanes. The majority of the procedure is identical for both types of Lightning Lanes. Access to all Lightning Lanes (Genie Plus and Individual) begins daily at 7 a.m.

for all guests, including non-Disney World resort guests. Before 7 a.m., open the My Disney Experience app and tap the three horizontal lines icon in the lower right corner of the screen. On the next screen, tap “Tip Board” in the upper-left corner. This link will take you to a booking page for both types of Lightning Lanes.

Verify that the park you intend to visit appears correctly at the top of the screen. You can quickly change it to the correct park if necessary. Simply scroll down to the attraction you wish to reserve. If the attraction has a Lightning Lane, the current wait time, the next available return time, and the price, if it’s an Individual Lightning Lane, will be displayed here.