How Old Were The Disney Princesses?

How Old Were The Disney Princesses
The princesses of Disney are among the most iconic figures in popular culture. Particularly Millennials have touted the impact these characters had on their development during their formative years, and they continue to be marketed as role models for young girls.

In numerous Disney princess films, the protagonists must overcome obstacles in their pursuit of true love and a happily ever after. When you rewatch these classic films as an adult, you are struck by one realization: how young the characters are! Yes, you are, Ariel. These characters are not even of legal drinking age, yet they are marrying and making other major life decisions.

Snow White (age 14), Jasmine (15), Ariel (16), Aurora (16), Mulan (16), Merida (16), Belle (17), Pocahontas (18), Rapunzel (18), Cinderella (19), and Tiana (age 19) are the eleven official Disney Princess characters (19). The signature films conclude with Ariel, Jasmine, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Tiana’s weddings or engagements (and hints of this sort of “fairy-tale ending” for most of the others).

Merida, the newest member of the group, is refreshingly devoid of a romantic interest, despite the fact that the film opens with a competition among the kingdom’s firstborn sons to win her hand in marriage. “The most troubling aspect is their lack of life experience. They are so ignorant of the world’s ways.

Blogger Julie Sprankles wrote in a post titled “Things only adults notice in Disney princess movies.” “You don’t comprehend the problems inherent with this until you’re older and then you’re like, where’s the fire, ladies? You have your entire lifetime to get married! “She continued.

  • The fact that the Disney princesses are teenagers helps to explain their often questionable decisions, such as eating a poisoned apple from a suspicious stranger or giving your voice to a sea witch in the hopes that a handsome boy will fall in love with you.
  • As any adolescent can attest, these years are filled with poor choices.

MTV News’ Scott Harris wrote, “The next time you contemplate the epic romance of a Disney classic like ‘Sleeping Beauty,’ try not to get too hung up on the fact that Princess Aurora should probably be studying for ninth grade math instead of getting married to Prince Phillip.” In addition, the princesses are voiced by adult women and do not particularly resemble adolescents, which is one of the numerous criticisms leveled against their appearances.

In 2015, illustrator Loryn Brantz redrawn the Disney princesses to reflect their actual ages, resulting in hilarious images such as “Snow White as an actual 14-year-old dealing with puberty and all the acne and bad eyebrows that entails” and “Mulan experimenting with hair and makeup like an actual 16-year-old” Obviously, the Disney princesses are fictitious characters from animated fairy tales and not contemporary adolescents.

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In fact, numerous Disney films are based on old folktales from a time when arranged marriages and teenage brides were more prevalent. And perhaps the ordeal of fleeing a murderous villain, fighting in a battle, or breaking a witch’s spell imparts a sense of maturity beyond a girl’s years.

Regardless, the times are changing, and more recent Disney projects are addressing these concerns. In the 2013 film “Frozen,” Queen Elsa, age 21, tells her sister Anna, age 18, “You can’t marry someone you just met!” The film’s magic spell plot revolves around the love between the two sisters, rather than a romantic relationship a refreshing twist on the savior plot, according to critics and parents.

Similar to Merida, the protagonist of “Moana” is a 16-year-old girl without a romantic love interest. Disney also worked to make Moana’s body more realistic and hired a real teenager to provide her voice. In the latest trailer for the “Wreck-It Ralph” sequel, the classic princesses have also been updated for 2018.

What is the age of the oldest Disney princess?

Think you’re an expert on Disney Princesses? These facts could sway your opinion! Media Platforms Planning Group While there are numerous princesses in Disney films, Disney only recognizes a select few in its official lineup of Disney Princesses, which includes Snow White, Mulan, Aurora, Belle, Tiana, Rapunzel, Ariel, Cinderella, Jasmine, Pocahontas, and Merida.

There are rumors that Anna and Elsa from Frozen will soon be added to the roster. Snow White Returns was a sequel that Walt Disney had planned for Snow White, but it was never produced. Imagine how awesome it would have been for Snow White to return and show the wicked queen who was boss without having to hide in the woods until she was rescued.

Pocahontas is the only princess based on a historical figure (she was born in the late 1500s!). With the release of The Little Mermaid in 1989, Ariel became the first Disney princess in thirty years. Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, which was released in 1959, was the previous princess.

It was time for a sassy princess with red hair! Beyoncé could have voiced Tiana in Princess and the Frog, but she declined to audition and lost the role to her co-star from Dreamgirls, Anika Noni Rose. Pocahontas was not the first Native American princess to appear in a Disney film. Tiger Lily from Peter Pan was the first princess to be featured in the official Disney Princess lineup, despite being the only one to do so.

Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty is the Disney princess with the least amount of dialogue. Because she probably spent the majority of her time sleeping! Mulan is the only character in the official lineup of Disney Princesses who is not a true princess.

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The others are either born princesses or married princes, but Mulan was so formidable that she had to be the exception! Snow White’s voice actress, Adriana Caselotti, was paid $20 per day in 1937, which may not seem like much now, but was a decent salary at the time. She was the first woman to be designated a “Disney Legend” in the voice category in 1994.

You may recall that her dress was lovely, but you may not be aware that in Beauty and the Beast, Belle is the only person in her hometown to wear blue, which signifies that she is an outsider. When she first encounters the beast, he is also wearing blue, indicating that they are both outcasts.

Blue was also intended to represent goodness in the film. Gaston, on the other hand, wears red to emphasize his evil nature. Never again will you watch Beauty and the Beast without noticing the colors everyone is wearing! Walt Disney’s all-time favorite animation was the “magical” moment when Cinderella’s housemaid dress transforms into a beautiful ball gown.

Who could possibly argue with him? Walt passed away in 1966, but he would have enjoyed THIS animation as well. What appears to be familiar? According to several individuals who worked closely with Walt Disney, Cinderella was his favorite princess. Originally, Aladdin was intended to have a shabby appearance.

After Jasmine’s character was designed, however, producers had artists completely redesign Aladdin. They did not believe that their on-screen chemistry would be convincing because Jasmine was so flawless! If Disney Princesses existed in real life, they might have attended your high school, as they are all adolescents.

Snow White is the youngest at only 14 years of age. Jasmine, who is allegedly 15 years old, is the second youngest. Both Cinderella and Tiana are 19 years old, making them the eldest. Cinderella was the first princess who was not descended from royalty, yet she became one of the most glamorous! #IftheShoeFits Do you know any additional interesting Disney Princess facts? Tell us about it in the comments! MORE: The Definitive Ranking of Disney Princesses, From Damsels in Distress to the Most Badass.17 Problems Only Disney Princesses Recognize 14 Things That Do Not Make Sense in Disney Films Photo credit: Facebook of Disney I am obsessed with social media and live-tweeting my favorite television shows, such as “Pretty Little Liars.” When I’m not scrolling through Instagram, I’m attempting to master beauty tutorials on YouTube (the struggle is real) and binge-watching television series on Netflix! How Old Were The Disney Princesses

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What are the ages of Disney’s princes and princesses?

Snow White and Jasmine are the youngest original Disney princesses – Snow White and Jasmine are the youngest original Disney princesses. Snow White is 14 years old in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Jasmine is only 15 years old in Aladdin, making her a young adult.

  1. It can be alarming to realize how young both Jasmine and Snow White are.
  2. In Aladdin, Jafar, who is significantly older than Jasmine, attempts to marry her.
  3. Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, and Merida from Brave are all 16 years old, just like Moana and Mulan.
  4. Belle is 17 years old in Beauty and the Beast, while Rapunzel is 17 at the beginning of Tangled and turns 18 during the course of the film.

In their respective films, Pocahontas is 18 years old, while Cinderella and Tiana are both 19 years old. This means that with the exception of Elsa and Anna in Frozen II, all Disney princesses are adolescents. RELATED: ‘Frozen 2:’ Elsa: Is she a Disney Princess?

What is the age of the youngest Disney princess?

Snow White’s age is 14 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a film. Voiced By: Adriana Caselotti Nationality: Kitchen Helper is the origin of the image. Snow White is the youngest princess of Disney! Snow White is perhaps the most recognizable princess in the illustrious history of Disney animation.

In addition to being the youngest princess at age 14, she is also the first princess in the very first animated film. It comes as no surprise that her status as the granddaddy of princesses imbues her with an almost supernatural quality that places her in a separate, highly guarded portion of our hearts and minds.

In the 1937 animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, she is the main character. It goes without saying that it is an enduring classic that paved the way for all future princesses. Have You Heard? Snow White derives from the German fairy tale Schneewittchen.