How To Clear Disney Plus Watch History?

How To Clear Disney Plus Watch History
Create a Secondary Profile – Perhaps you want to watch a show that you don’t want others to know about, or you don’t want Disney Plus to make suggestions based on your viewing history. Since we cannot delete our recently viewed titles, we must create and then delete a profile. How To Clear Disney Plus Watch History How To Clear Disney Plus Watch History Launch Disney Plus and sign in with your credentials. Tap the + Add Profile option then. Choose a profile picture and give your profile a name. Now, click the Done button in the upper right corner. Now View the content of your choosing. Click the Edit Profiles option from the homepage to clear the profile’s history. How To Clear Disney Plus Watch History How To Clear Disney Plus Watch History How To Clear Disney Plus Watch History You no longer need to be concerned about inappropriately suggested titles or the inability to delete your recently watched history.

How do you delete your viewing history on Disney+?

Option 1: Mark movies, shows, and TV series on your Watchlist – Since you cannot clear the Continue Watching list on Disney Plus while on the go, you can mark certain movies, shows, and TV series. By removing an item from the Watchlist, you indicate to the platform’s algorithm that you have no interest in a particular niche.

  • To edit your Watchlist on a mobile device, follow these steps: Launch the app Select your profile image Launch WATCHLIST.
  • Select the films, shows, and television programs you wish to delete.
  • Click DETAILS Click the Checkbox Icon To remove items from your web browser’s Watchlist: Visit Disney Plus’s website Sign into your account.

Choose WATCHLIST Choose the series or films you wish to delete. Select the checkbox To edit your Watchlist on Xbox, PlayStation, and Apple TV, follow these steps: Launch the Disney Plus Xbox application. Enter WATCHLIST Select all the movies, television programs, and shows you wish to remove.

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How do I remove a television program from Disney Plus?

Rapidly Removing Television Programs from Disney+ Continue Watching – When it comes to television shows, removing them from the “Continue Watching” list is a bit more difficult than when it comes to movies, but it’s still simple. The final episode of the previous season must be loaded. How To Clear Disney Plus Watch History When a show is completed, it is removed from the “Continue Watching” section. Unlike Netflix, Disney Plus does not display the icon that indicates a new episode is available. Therefore, it will not appear again in the “Continue Watching” section unless you reload it.

Even though the “Recently Watched” list has been added, the company has yet to include an option to remove the content. You can, however, remove items from your Watchlist. To differentiate, you must add items to your Watchlist that you may wish to view later. It merely facilitates the search for the desired content. To remove an item from your Watchlist, follow these steps: How To Clear Disney Plus Watch History How To Clear Disney Plus Watch History Launch Disney Plus on your device and navigate to the Watchlist in the interface’s uppermost portion. Find the item you wish to remove and click the “Checkmark” button in its thumbnail’s corner. This removes the item from your list. This will work the majority of the time, but it may occasionally malfunction and prevent you from removing a specific item.

How do I clear the cache on the Disney Plus service?

Clearing the cache on Disney Plus on an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV – If you are watching Disney Plus on an iOS device, such as an iPhone or Apple TV, you cannot clear the app’s cache for Disney Plus. You may be able to resolve a cache-related issue by deleting and reinstalling the Disney Plus application.

  • If you own an iPhone or iPad, delete the application by following the instructions in How to uninstall applications on an iPhone.
  • If you have an Apple TV, see How to delete or hide apps on an Apple TV for instructions.
  • After removing Disney Plus from your account, reinstall it from the App Store and sign in again.
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On an iOS device, the only way to clear the cache is to delete and reinstall the app. Dave Johnson/Business Insider