How To Get Disney Plus On Vizio Smart Tv?

HOW TO INSTALL DISNEY PLUS ON A VIZIO SMART TV – Downloading the Disney+ app via the SmartCast TV platform is the simplest way to get Disney+ on a Vizio TV. All Vizio SmartCast TVs manufactured in 2016 or later will support the application, so if you have a recently-purchased TV, go to the SmartCast platform, download the application, sign in, and start streaming! If you own a Vizio model from before 2016, there are still numerous ways to watch content on your smart TV.

Disney+ is also accessible on a variety of streaming devices and game consoles, such as all Fire TV devices and Fire TV edition smart TVs, newer Roku models, Chromebook and Chromecast, Apple TV 4K, and Xbox One. Visit the platform’s Help Center for a comprehensive list of devices supported by Disney+.

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How do I install Disney Plus on my smart TV?

Configure MediaStreamer DNS on Samsung Smart TV to Access Disney+ Anywhere – Here is a straightforward guide on how to add Disney Plus to a Smart TV utilizing MediaStreamer DNS:

  1. To begin, power on your Samsung Smart TV and press the Menu button on the remote.
  2. The primary menu will display. From there, choose ” Network ” followed by ” Network Status “.
  3. Now, on the Network Status screen, scroll down and click “IP Settings.”
  4. Now select DNS setting > Enter manually and then enter the DNS address, which can be found on the VPN profile page after activating Smart DNS service.
  5. Congratulations, your Samsung smart TV’s smart DNS configuration is complete.
  6. Now navigate to the Home menu of your Samsung Smart TV and select “Apps.”
  7. Install the app by searching for Disney Plus in the search bar located in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  8. Once the Disney+ app has been installed, launch it, sign into your account, and enjoy the content.
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Note: The Disney Plus app is available on Samsung Smart TVs with Tizen OS from 2016 onward. Therefore, if you own an older model of Samsung television, you must upgrade to a later model in order to set up Disney Plus on TV.

Even though Disney Plus launched with support for a vast array of devices, it was initially unavailable on Vizio televisions. However, this platform now supports not only Disney+, but virtually every other popular streaming service as well. And with that, it’s time to teach you how to watch Disney Plus on smart TVs manufactured by Vizio in 2021.

How do I install Disney Plus on my iPhone or Android?

What If Your Vizio TV is Older? Can You Currently Access Disney Plus? – Depending on the age of your Vizio TV, you have several options for watching Disney Plus on your television. You can accomplish this by ‘casting’ Disney Plus from your smartphone to your television, or by purchasing additional (affordable) hardware.

You must ensure that your Vizio TV supports either Apple’s AirPlay or Google’s Chromecast in order to ‘cast’ the screen of your smartphone. Thus, Disney Plus can be installed on your iPhone or Android device. Tap the ‘Cast’ button in the upper-right corner and select your television once a movie or TV show has begun playing on your smartphone.

That is all. There is a second option that requires the purchase of additional hardware. If your Vizio television has compatible ports, you can choose between the Amazon Fire TV Stick and the Roku Express HD. This applies to those with “Full HD” televisions.