How To Get Rid Of Continue Watching On Disney Plus?

How To Get Rid Of Continue Watching On Disney Plus
How To Get Rid Of Continue Watching On Disney Plus Continue Watching – Jump to the End to Remove Something The first option to remove something from your Continue Watching list is to skip to the end of the movie or show; doing so tricks the system into believing that you’ve finished watching it, removing it from the row.

This is the easiest for a film. Select it from the list, fast-forward to just before the end credits, and play it. When Disney+ reduces the size of the film to suggest what you should watch next, you should be in the clear. However, Disney+ is somewhat picky about this. Wait until the movie has finished completely and the progress bar is empty to be safe.

Now, the film should be marked as completed, and the Continue Watching row will no longer appear. Even if you skip to the conclusion of an episode, the next episode or season will be added to your Continue Watching row. Consequently, you must watch the final episode of the final season. How To Get Rid Of Continue Watching On Disney Plus

How do I take movies off of Disney Plus’s “continue watching” list?

Here’s How to Remove Series from Disney Plus’s Continue Watching List – The “Continue Watching” carousel is down here. Select the series that you wish to cross off your list. Open the show, then select the most recent season and episode. Fast-forward to the episode’s conclusion.

  • Ensure that the playback line is reduced to zero.
  • Clicking on the video will bring it back up even if it has already minimized.
  • Watch the seconds pass, and if you want to help, skip 10 seconds.
  • Just wait until the final leg.
  • Refresh after returning to the main Disney Plus page.
  • Tip You must access the exact last season and episode of a certain series in order to remove it.
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You must access Season 31, episode 22 of The Simpsons if you accidentally started streaming it (the latest one available in January 2021). Play the video, reposition the playback line to the end, and watch for the conclusion. Please take your time with this.

How to remove items from Disney+’s up next list

HOW TO Remove Titles from Continue Watching on Disney Plus!

If you have an iOS device, you can remove the item from ‘Up Next’ by using the TV app. This should also remove it from the Continue Watching section of the Disney+ app.4 Reply 2 years ago Share ReportSaveFollow level 2