How To Get To Disney Boardwalk?

How To Get To Disney Boardwalk
How to Reach the Boardwalk Resort at Walt Disney World From your current Disney resort, if you are not staying at the Boardwalk. Even if you are not staying there, this is likely the greatest resort to see at Walt Disney World. I prefer to stay in value (also known as budget) resorts and tour all the luxurious ones. How To Get To Disney Boardwalk Please note that there are currently no carnival games or performers on the boardwalk. How To Get To Disney Boardwalk If you are not staying at a Disney property, it might be quite difficult to manage the Disney transportation to and from your resort. There are many routes to the Boardwalk Resort. Assuming you are staying at a Disney property outside the EPCOT region, the easiest route to reach the Boardwalk is as follows: Take the bus to Hollywood Studios from your resort. How To Get To Disney Boardwalk To return to your resort at the conclusion of your Boardwalk visit, simply reverse these instructions. Take the ferry back to Hollywood Studios, then a bus to your resort. The Hollywood Studios boat dock, as viewed from the bus stop. Now that Disney has added the skyliner as a new mode of transportation, the Boardwalk Resort is more accessible. How To Get To Disney Boardwalk Use the skyliner to go to EPCOT. This will lead you to the EPCOT rear entrance. Walk to the Boardwalk by taking the walkway to the right (away from EPCOT). This is the back gate to EPCOT, thus shuttles to neighboring resorts are not available, but you may walk to the boardwalk and Yacht & Beach Clubs.

The Yacht & Beach Clubs will be ahead and to the left, while the Boardwalk will be ahead and to the right. From the path, the boardwalk will be visible. To get to Hollywood Studios, take the bus. The Caribbean Beach Resort is accessible via skyliner. Take the skyliner to EPCOT from the Caribbean Beach Resort (back entrance).

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The Skyliner will stop at the Riviera Resort, but you should not disembark just yet. Proceed on foot to the boardwalk. It is not as direct as taking a boat, but it is a great way to get there if you want to ride the skyliner gondolas, which are quite fun to ride! If you choose, you could take the boat there and the skyliner back, or vice way. How To Get To Disney Boardwalk Then you are extremely fortunate, as all you must do is walk around the lake. Alternatively, you can take the boat across. Take the bus directly from Disney Springs to the Boardwalk Resort. Use one of the previously listed methods to return to your resort.

  1. Or return to Disney Springs via bus.
  2. If you have a fear of heights, you should avoid riding the skyliners.
  3. They float above the highway and occasionally slow down and halt.
  4. Due of its open ventilation, you can hear the traffic below as they go.
  5. This is not a suitable means of transportation for those who are terrified of heights! If you are traveling from the Pop Century/Art of Animation Resorts, you must transfer to another skyliner at the Caribbean Beach Resort station.

There are signage and cast members to assist with navigation. The skyliner stops at the Riviera Resort, although passengers are not required to disembark. If you are currently on the skyliner, continue to ride until you reach EPCOT. The Skyliner path between the Riviera Resort and EPCOT is the longest. How To Get To Disney Boardwalk

How much does Disney boardwalk parking cost?

Standard parking: $25 per day for a car or motorcycle Disney World’s preferred parking rates for automobiles or motorcycles are $45 to $50 per day. Shuttle, limousine, camper trailer, recreational vehicle, bus, or tractor trailer parking is $30 per day.

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Plan Your Morning Around Extra Magic Hours – At Disney World, getting value means spending less time in line and more time enjoying the park. Families vacationing at Disney World Resorts should utilize Extra Magic Hours to the fullest. One park opens an hour sooner than the others and stays open an hour later every day.

Is Disney’s boardwalk accessible?

While Disney’s BoardWalk villas are currently open and accepting reservations, the remainder of BoardWalk Inn is currently closed. Inaccessible dining options include Flying Fish and the ESPN Club, as well as a few snack and beverage stands.