How To Unlock Every Character In Disney Crossy Road?

How To Unlock Every Character In Disney Crossy Road
How To Unlock Every Character In Disney Crossy Road How to Unlock All the Hidden Characters in Disney Crossy Road. A while ago, shortly after the game’s release, we provided you with some tips to help you get started and unlock all characters. Since then, however, we’ve discovered that the already impressive number of regular characters in the game is even greater thanks to some mystery characters that can be unlocked by completing special tasks.

We believe we’ve discovered all of these characters, and we’re here to provide a comprehensive guide on how to unlock all of the hidden characters in Disney Crossy Road. It will not be simple, but it will be very enjoyable. These are listed in a random order, and you can generally attempt to unlock them as you play, assuming you meet the prerequisites.

Classic Baloo: While playing as Baloo, consume ten fruits (when you see a fruit tree in your level, go stand next to it until Baloo eats one). Mortimer: As Mickey, you have the chance to encounter Mortimer throughout the level. Simply get around him and you’ll have him! You will eventually meet Jessie (Toy Story) during the level Mint in the Box Prospector if you play as Jessie (Toy Story).

  1. If you hop onto that square, he is yours! Ezra Beane: As Phineas Plump, you must avoid the pursuit of 25 armors (it can be done in multiple levels).
  2. Horn Player: Perform as Hookhand (Tangled) and 10 times as the Piano (it can be done in multiple tries) This one is quite difficult to obtain, Mufasa.
  3. You must play as Simba and spend multiple seconds in close proximity to stampedes.
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The strategy is to hide behind the rock when the animals approach, then quickly move to the opposite side of the rock when they return. Adult Nala: To obtain her, you must play as any character in The Jungle Book and be struck by lightning twice. Abstract Bing Bong: Play as Bing Bong until you find a red and grey door in your level.

  • When you attempt to open it, the Abstract Bing Bong will be unlocked.
  • Playing as Abstract Bing Bong will eventually lead you to Joy in your level.
  • Next to her, she will transform into Abstract Joy.
  • You only need to complete a level with Abstract Bing Bong to unlock Abstract Sadness.
  • Gloyd Orangeboar: In order to unlock Rancis Fluggerbutter, you must earn 1,500 points while playing as him.

These are the hidden characters that can be unlocked in Disney Crossy Road, and you now understand how to do so. If you manage to unlock additional hidden characters, please explain how you did so in the comments section below. Touch, Tap, Play is seeking qualified writers to create guides for popular mobile and Nintendo Switch games.

How do you unlock all of Crossy Road’s hidden characters?

Crossy Road is filled with playable characters that can be unlocked by using the Prize Machine, opening Mystery Boxes, spending money, and completing specific tasks.53 characters out of 279 are classified as Secret Mascots and can only be obtained by completing special tasks during a run.