What Channel Is Disney On Dish?

What Channel Is Disney On Dish
Channel 172 Channel 172 is Disney Channel on DISH Network.

Why does Dish not carry Disney Channel?

UPDATE (10/3/2022): Dish Network and The Walt Disney Co. Customers of Dish and Sling TV are likely to be ecstatic as the providers have restored access to Disney-owned television channels that had been blocked over the weekend. Disney and Dish have apparently reached a temporary arrangement, according to Deadline, after a dispute caused ABC, ESPN, FX, National Geographic, and Disney Channel to go black at midnight on September 30.

  • We have achieved a handshake deal with DISH/Sling TV that accurately represents the fair market value and terms for The Walt Disney Company’s unmatched content,” Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution stated in a statement published by Deadline.
  • As a consequence, we are glad to temporarily reinstate our portfolio of networks while both sides strive to execute a new agreement.” (Source: ABC) ORIGINAL STORY (10/2/2022): This weekend, several subscribers of Dish and Sling TV undoubtedly had a nasty awakening when they sat down to watch television: In a disagreement with The Walt Disney Company, the two television providers have deleted ABC, ESPN, and FX as well as other Disney-owned networks.

The networks, which also include Nat Geo and Disney Channel, were removed off the lineups of Dish Network, a satellite TV provider, and Sling TV, a streaming TV service offered by Dish, at midnight Pacific time on Saturday, October 1. Dish asserts that Disney demanded a billion-dollar contract renewal fee.

  • Disney reportedly wants Dish to add ESPN and ESPN2 in all Dish TV bundles and to make most Dish users to pay for previously optional local ABC stations, according to Variety.
  • Brian Neylon, executive vice president and group president for Dish TV, stated in a statement to THR, “Disney has leveraged its market position to boost costs without concern for the public watching experience.” Clearly, Disney prioritizes profit over American consumers, particularly sports lovers and families with children who consume their material.

A Disney representative countered that the company had given Dish a deal comparable to what it had with other pay-TV providers. “After months of negotiations in good faith, Dish has refused to establish a fair, market-based arrangement with us for continuing distribution of our networks,” per Variety.

As a result, Dish and Sling TV subscribers no longer have access to our unrivaled portfolio of live sports and news programming, as well as kids, family, and general entertainment programming from ABC-owned television stations, ESPN networks, Disney-branded channels, Freeform, FX networks, National Geographic channels, and BabyTV.” The Disney representative continued: “The pricing and terms we are requesting reflect the market and have been the basis of countless successful partnerships with pay-TV providers of all sizes and types across the nation.

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We are dedicated to achieving a fair settlement, and we urge Dish to collaborate with us to minimize consumer impact.” THR reports that Disney channels were briefly removed from YouTube TV’s lineup in December 2021 as a result of negotiations breaking down.

However, blackout threats have been much more common on Dish in recent years due to the satellite TV provider’s aggressive negotiating tactics with content providers. For instance, a Univision blackout on Dish lasted months between 2018 and 2019, while HBO was removed from the Dish list in 2018 and did not return until 2021.

Dish now has ten million pay-TV subscribers, including Sling TV consumers.

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Is Disney returning to Dish?

Disney Networks Return to Dish and Sling After Companies Reach Provisional Agreement ‘s 20 cable and broadcast TV networks were reinstated to the lineups of’s services on Sunday night, following a “handshake agreement” on a new distribution arrangement.

  1. The deal’s terms were not disclosed.
  2. Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution stated that the proposed agreement between Dish TV and Disney “fully represents fair market value” for the programming suite, which consists of ESPN, Disney Channel, FX, Freeform, and ABC-owned stations.
  3. According to Dish, Disney requested a $1 billion increase in payments to renew the contract, which expired on September 30.

Disney allegedly demanded that ESPN and ESPN2 be included in Dish TV bundles that omit sports channels and that ABC local networks be offered for all customers in eight regions, according to Dish. Disney stated in a statement, “We have achieved a handshake agreement with Dish/Sling TV that accurately represents fair market value and terms for the Walt Disney Company’s unrivaled content.” “As a consequence, we are glad to temporarily reinstate our portfolio of networks while both sides strive to execute a new agreement.” Just after midnight ET, Dish sent an e-mail “We are happy to inform you that all Disney and ESPN channels have been restored.

Thank you for your perseverance and assistance.” Dish is the fourth largest U.S. pay-TV provider, after Comcast, Charter, and DirecTV. At the end of June 2022, Dish had around 10 million subscribers, including 7.79 million satellite TV subscribers and 2.20 million Sling TV users. ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPNews, ESPN Deportes, Disney Channel, Disney Jr., Disney XD, Freeform, FX, FXX, FXM, National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, Nat Geo Mundo, ACC Network, SEC Network, Longhorn Network, and Baby TV were among the Disney-owned networks affected by the blackout.

In addition, Chicago (WLS), Fresno, Calif. (KFSN), Houston (KTRK), Los Angeles (KABC), New York (WABC), Philadelphia (WPVI), Raleigh, N.C. (WTVD), and San Francisco (KGO) are now back on Dish and Sling TV. Disney Networks Return to Dish and Sling TV After Companies Reach Provisional Agreement

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What is the most popular Disney channel?

Channel 290 contains Disney Channel HD.

— YouTube Television (@YouTubeTV). Both firms published remarks on the disagreement, with YouTube TV being the first to draw blood by assigning all responsibility to Disney. When Disney provides YouTube TV with “equitable conditions,” according to a spokeswoman for YouTube TV, the two parties will reestablish a friendly cooperation.

Given Disney’s current size, they shouldn’t be so reluctant to negotiate a contract with YouTube TV. Disney replied in kind to claims that they appeared to be tough in this new contract. Their response was as follows: “Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution has a proven track record of successfully negotiating such arrangements with providers of all sizes and types across the country and is dedicated to working with Google to obtain a fair, market-based deal.” It appears that the enormous firm will do all possible to establish a fair deal, but what is fair? It appears that the two corporations cannot agree on this subject.

YouTube said, “Our request to Disney, like with all of our partners, is to treat YouTube TV the same as any other TV provider – by providing us the same fees other services of a comparable scale pay, throughout Disney’s for as long as we carry them.” It appears that YouTube TV does not believe that these channels are being rewarded adequately to remain on their platform.

This might become a difficult issue for both people involved. Audiences tune in to ESPN just for Monday Night Football, which might significantly discourage buyers from using YouTube TV. Disney is also losing a substantial amount of viewers because their channels are no longer accessible to YouTube TV subscribers.

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It appears that both parties have made their remarks, but a resolution is imminent. The amount of money that both firms stand to lose by severing ties may be excessive. If consumers begin to cancel the service in large numbers, one or both parties will be forced to yield.

Is Disney Channel no longer broadcasting?

Disney Channel

Third variant of the May 23, 2014 logo used since 2019
Country United States
Broadcast area Nationwide
Headquarters Burbank, California
Language(s) English Spanish (via SAP audio track)
Picture format HDTV 720p SDTV 480i (downscaled and letterboxed )
Owner Disney General Entertainment Content
Parent Disney Branded Television
Sister channels show List
Launched April 18, 1983 ; 39 years ago
Former names The Disney Channel (1983–1997)
Webcast Watch live
Website Official website
Streaming media
Service(s) Fubo TV, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV

Disney Channel, sometimes known as Disney, is an American pay television channel that serves as the flagship property of Disney Branded Television, a branch of The Walt Disney Company’s Disney General Entertainment Content business. Launched on April 18, 1983 as The Disney Channel as a premium channel on top of basic cable television networks, it initially featured family-oriented content due to the availability of home television sets at the time.

Since 1997, when it was known as just Disney Channel, its programming has mostly targeted children and teenagers. The channel features first-run original children’s television programs, theatrically-released and original television films, and various third-party content. As of September 2022, more than 190 million American and international households have access to Disney Channel via basic cable and satellite.

The channel’s original programming/content covers television, online, mobile, video on demand, and mobile platforms, with the latter being dominated by the website-app hybrid product DisneyNOW. There were 46 Disney Channels available in 33 languages around the world in 2016, but some have since closed or seen a decline in viewership due to the rise of social media and streaming media platforms, as well as the successful launch of Disney+ in certain countries/regions/territories beginning in 2020.