What Happened To Disney Crossy Road?

Disney Crossy Road was a Windows, iOS, and Android version of the Crossy Road game series with a Disney theme. Version 3.2 of the DuckTales Update was the final update. The game ceased operations on March 12, 2020. However, the game can still be played with all unlockable classic, uncommon, and epic characters unlocked.

Is it still possible to get Disney crossy road?

Disney Crossy Road is no longer available for iOS, Android, and Amazon.

How To Acquire The Pac-Man Ghosts On Crossy Road Since Hipster Whale placed in order to cross-promote Pac-Man 256, we’ve had a great time bouncing about the neon-colored globe and devouring pellets. Once you realize that the four renowned ghosts are also in the game but not available from the reward machine, the issue of how to add them to your Crossy Road collection becomes evident.

  • Thanks to the time and work of Twitter user, we’re able to provide you with some answers.
  • Clyde (orange ghost) is the simplest of the four ghosts to unlock, requiring only a high score while playing Pac-Man; however, in that mode, you only receive points for eating pellets and blue ghosts, not for merely going ahead.

What is the score? We first believed it may be 256, but it’s far less. We were able to unlock Clyde with a score of 199, and @SpycrabSaxxy claims to have done it with a score of 99. Blinky (red ghost) — Pac-Chicken is required for this level. During a game of Pac-Chicken, the ambulance gets transformed into Pac-Man.

  • Simply jump in front of him and allow yourself to be run over to unlock Blinky.
  • Pinky (pink ghost) — Once more, you must be playing as Pac-Chicken to access this level.
  • Find the cherry in many Pac-Man games and hop on it.
  • However, it does not appear all that frequently.
  • Inky (light blue ghost) – This one is a bit more difficult, as it needs you to play as Pac-Man and consume at least 50 power pellets — cumulatively, not in a single run, but if you can do it in a single run, I applaud you! Then, only being slain by Inky will unlock him.
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As can be seen in the image above, playing with ghosts is more like to playing Pac-Chicken, in the sense that the world has Pac-Man-like aesthetics, but you win points by hopping ahead rather of consuming pellets. Fear not, as the annoying bug continues to pursue you from behind.

How is pinky obtained in Crossy Road 2022?

How to Acquire –

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As Pinky is a secret mascot, the Prize Machine cannot unlock him. To unlock it, you must locate and collect a cherry using Pac-Chicken. This cherry has a rare spawn rate and is rarely encountered.