What Is The Closest Airport To Disney World?

What Is The Closest Airport To Disney World
Orlando International Airport Q. What are the nearest airports to the Walt Disney World Resort? A. Your best option is to fly into Orlando International Airport (MCO) or Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB).

Are Uber services costly at Disney World?

Uber rides throughout Walt Disney World normally cost between $10 and $20. During periods of normal surge pricing, these fares may quadruple. During the most extreme peaks, like as New Year’s, there is no limit to how high these fares may go. We discuss avoiding surges farther down. What Is The Closest Airport To Disney World

Exists a rail between the airport and Disney World?

The Sunshine Flyer replaces Magical Express as the airport shuttle service to Walt Disney World. This article includes cost, transportation details, and all we know about the bus between Orlando International Airport and resorts, along with opinion on this subject.

The Mears Connector. (Updated on 2 February 2022.) Let’s begin with a brief review. Disney’s Magical Express, the complimentary shuttle service from Orlando International Airport to Walt Disney World hotels, has stopped. Guests must now arrange their own transportation from the airport to their resort; our Guide to Airport Transportation for Walt Disney World details the alternatives available.

It depends on your budget, party size, and other variables. Mears Connect was the first option to launch at the start of 2022. This company provides airport transportation using high occupancy vehicles, such as buses and vans. This is the “spiritual successor” of Disney’s Magical Express, employing the same same buses (Mears was the operator of DME and owned the buses).

  • Reservations & Pricing for Mears Connect, Disney’s Magical Express Replacement has more recent information.
  • As of February 2022, Transportation Management Services introduced a second option (TMS).
  • The Sunshine Flyer, a themed motorcoach bus service, is the newest choice for MCO to Walt Disney World shuttles.

The Sunshine Flyer, a handy and economical form of transportation, allows guests to begin their Walt Disney World vacation’s themed excitement as soon as they walk off the airport. The assortment of bus wraps offered by Sunshine Flyer is seen above. Similar to the diversity of themed Disney Skyliner gondola designs, it will be enjoyable to identify the many train models.

  • Should be enjoyable for children with some “re-rideability.” The Sunshine Flyer’s buses are luxury, late-model vehicles with decor centered on vintage passenger cars and locomotives.
  • From the bus designs to the employees costumed as conductors and engineers from the 1920s, the motorcoaches effectively operate as time machines, providing a glimpse of train travel in the 1920s.
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Frank Sherman, CEO of TMS, stated, “We are ecstatic to introduce The Sunshine Flyer and provide Disney visitors the opportunity to begin their vacation with a joyful, unique travel experience.” “Inside the park’s gates, everyone is aware of Disney’s enchantment.

But with The Sunshine Flyer, we’re able to provide visitors the opportunity to begin their vacation the moment they step off the aircraft, transforming what was once a routine journey into the start of a memorable trip.” TMS asserts that, with 25 years of expertise as a major events transportation provider dealing with world-class events like the FIFA World Cup, NBA Finals, and PGA TOUR Tournaments, their organization is prepared to provide a streamlined and well-executed service.

Upon approaching the Sunshine Flyer staging location, visitors will wait no more than 20 minutes to board the bus, and the trip to the resorts will not exceed 65 minutes, including the last stop. Originally, Mears Connect’s website offered the same 20-minute guarantee, but it has now been removed after clients reported waiting up to 45 minutes to depart.

  • It will be fascinating to observe whether the Sunshine Flyer can send buses more regularly.
  • All Walt Disney World resort hotels are serviced by buses equipped with restrooms, USB charging ports, and three-point seatbelts for the convenience and safety of all visitors.
  • Prior to departure, visitors will buy their tickets online and get a QR code, which they will scan upon arrival at MCO to assure timely departures from the airport to Walt Disney World resorts.

In February of 2022, the Sunshine Flyer began official operations from Orlando International Airport. The Sunshine Flyer provides transportation to all Orlando Walt Disney World resorts, from Value to Deluxe. Sunshine Flyer tickets must be reserved at least four days prior to arrival.

Adult tickets are $17.00 and child tickets are $12.50 each trip. The Sunshine Flyer provides a full refund if tickets are cancelled 72 hours in advance, or a credit towards future tickets if less than 72 hours notice is given. Click here for details and to purchase tickets. Sherman said, “By combining our legendary expertise in mass transit management with a creative, themed experience, we have the unique chance to provide a stress-free and enjoyable experience.” “After all, Disney visitors deserve an unforgettable vacation from the very beginning.

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Whether they are young or elderly, traveling alone or in a group, we believe that The Sunshine Flyer ignites the creativity and enthusiasm of each and every one of our passengers the minute they board the bus.” In honor of Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary, the Sunshine Flyer will donate fifty percent of all revenue from the first fifty thousand passengers during the first fifty days of operation to Make-A-Wish Central & Northern Florida to support their mission of granting life-changing wishes to children with critical illnesses.

  1. As part of the Sunshine Flyer’s dedication to philanthropy, all Indefinitely, Make-A-Wish children and their families will enjoy gratis Sunshine Flyer service for their Disney desires.
  2. This is fantastic in terms of comments.
  3. At least as “wonderful” as switching from the free (or at least included in the cost of hotel stays) Disney’s Magical Express to a paid service.

The Sunshine Flyer, however, is not to blame for Walt Disney World’s misguided choice to terminate Magical Express. Can’t exactly blame another company for Disney’s misguided layoffs. This is excellent since it is themed after something objectively cool.

  1. Trains and the golden age of rail travel, after which the Sunshine Flyer is fashioned, are amazing.
  2. Perhaps I am prejudiced as a railfan who frequents museums, appreciates railroad simulators, and much prefers train travel to all other modes of transportation, but do you know who else adored trains? William Disney Even putting aside my own hobbies, the Sunshine Flyer’s motif has an apparent “Disney link.” The Sunshine Flyer is not operated by Mears, which is another reason this is wonderful.

Mears is a transportation firm with coach buses and taxis that had a near monopoly in Orlando for decades prior to the arrival of Uber and Lyft, for those who are unfamiliar with it. Mears has been heavily embroiled in ridesharing cases during the past few years.

  1. We have not traditionally been supporters of Mears.
  2. In the pre-rideshare period, we had multiple unfavorable interactions with them, which led us to the conclusion that they were a poorly-managed firm that cared little about customer service given their monopoly.
  3. Those who have followed our writings regarding the tale of Disney’s Magical Express may find this unexpected.
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We have been quite sympathetic to Mears, mostly because we have reason to suspect Disney “did them dirty” (as the kids say). Even though I dislike many Time Warner properties, I feel sorry for how badly they were treated in the AT&T merger. Beyond that, Mears would be the default “best” option for many travelers, filling the hole created by Disney’s Magical Express.

  1. With the Sunshine Flyer’s arrival, this is no longer the case.
  2. Obviously, I have little familiarity or experience with TMS.
  3. They may be responsible for the condition of Florida’s manatees for all I know.
  4. I suspect not, although it is conceivable that they also provide bad customer service.
  5. However, I’d rather take my chances with virtually any other transportation service than Mears.

Any business with such a fondness for the golden age of railroads cannot be entirely negative. Consumers benefit from more competition and transportation options between Orlando International Airport and Walt Disney World resorts. Even if you are a monster who despises trains, it is difficult to argue that this is not good news.

As previous events have indicated, Mears’ monopoly is undesirable. We highly advise 2022 visitors to reserve one of these buses rather than depending on Uber or Lyft. Without Disney’s Magical Express, rideshare demand is mostly unknown, and there may be insufficient supply (or drivers) in the Orlando market during periods of peak travel traffic, such as spring break or Easter 2022.

This problem happened last year with ridesharing and rental automobiles, and I’m concerned that it will reoccur in Spring 2022. Recently, there have been issues with automobile rental businesses overbooking, canceling bookings arbitrarily, or failing to honor reservations.

  1. If you plan to visit Walt Disney World later in 2022, you may wish to take note of the following.
  2. In the near future, we hope to conduct a comparison of Mears Connect with Sunshine Flyer and report our findings! Planning a trip to Walt Disney World? Visit our Walt Disney World Hotels Reviews page to learn about hotels.

Read our Walt Disney World Restaurant Reviews for dining options. Read our post on Tips for Saving Money on Walt Disney World Tickets to choose which sort of ticket to purchase and how to save money on tickets. Our piece on What to Pack for Disney Trips provides a fresh perspective on the best products to bring.