What To Wear To Disney World In May?

What To Wear To Disney World In May
What Should I Wear To Disney World in May? You will want to wear short sleeve t-shirts, shorts, and comfortable shoes when visiting Walt Disney World in May. You may want to consider bringing a lightweight long sleeve shirt to wear if you have dining reservations where the air conditioning might be a bit cool.

How hot is Disney World in the month of May?

May Disney World Weather – May is less pleasant than the preceding months, but you will largely avoid the oppressive heat of July and August. The average high temperature is 88F (31C), and the average low temperature is 66F (19C) (19C). May is also the last month before summer that is relatively dry, with an average of nine days of precipitation.

What NOT to Wear to Disney World

May 2023 DISNEY WORLD CROWD CALENDAR – This section of the free Walt Disney World crowd calendar for May 2023 will begin with the same introduction as previous months; skip ahead a few paragraphs if you’ve already read it. There is no color-coded crowd calendar present because they are currently unreliable.

If we only had a visual calendar of crowds, many of you would only look at that and not read the accompanying explanation, which explains what you can actually anticipate. That would be a disservice to you. Crowd calendars use indicators such as school schedules, airport traffic statistics, hotel pricing and occupancy, and other factors in lieu of official Disney attendance numbers.

This method worked for years and made crowd calendars reliable. The attendance at Walt Disney World followed a pattern that corresponded with the aforementioned proxies. Recently, wait times no longer always correspond to actual crowds, as Disney has become more adept and sophisticated at manipulating both attendance and crowd flow.

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Consider this the difference between the actual temperature and the “feels like” temperature, but in terms of crowds. We can still determine attendance and crowd patterns, but not wait times. The latter are what most of you care about (the “feels like” crowds), but Walt Disney World crowd calendars make it more difficult to accurately predict wait times.

In a typical year, May is the shoulder season at Walt Disney World, a slower period between the spring break and summer peak travel seasons. Even during the busiest times of the month, crowds rarely exceed 7/10. Early May 2023 should continue to be an appealing time to visit, with crowds averaging about average.

  1. The parks are not devoid of visitors, but they are still manageable.
  2. Until approximately May 7, 2023, weekday crowds should be moderate.
  3. Expect a lull from May 8 through May 21, 2023.
  4. There is every reason to expect this to be the slowest stretch of the month based on historical precedent and a lack of events, but it’s too early to make an exact prediction.

(We’ll update this when it’s closer to May 2023 with more specific forecasts; it’s simply too early now.) Expect a modest increase the following week, followed by a further increase for the Memorial Day holiday weekend beginning on May 26, 2023. Nevertheless, compared to other holidays, Memorial Day is not terrible.

How is Disney World in May?

May is a fantastic time to visit Disney World. Until Memorial Day weekend, the weather is pleasant and crowds are light to moderate. Continue reading to learn about crowds, closures, and special events at Disney World in May.