When Did Disney Magical Express Start?

When Did Disney Magical Express Start
Disney has discontinued the Magical Express, a free bus service that transported guests between Orlando International Airport and Disney hotels. A daily average of 14,000 passengers used Magical Express. Disney says visitors now have more transportation options.

Mears and the Sunshine Flyer are now providing bus service between the airport and Disney for a fee. – Disney discontinued the Magical Express, a free shuttle service between the airport and Disney resorts. Kaylee Shibley, who was traveling with her father from Minneapolis, said, “I’m very sad — it was something we looked forward to on every vacation, and it was free.” Roger Chapin, a spokesperson for Mears Motor Coach, stated that, at its peak, the Magical Express transported an average of 14,000 passengers daily to and from the airport.

Mears has operated Disney’s Magical Express since its inception in 2005. There are approximately 5 million people per year who do not take a rental car, taxi, or Uber from Orlando International Airport to Walt Disney World. Chapin described the Magical Express as a “very efficient movement of people, with fewer cars on the road, less traffic, and fewer people wandering around the airport unsure of their destination.” A Disney spokesperson told Spectrum News that guests now have more transportation options than they did 15 years ago.

“These options are gaining popularity among vacationers because they offer greater flexibility and save them time, allowing them to better plan their day,” a Disney spokesperson said in a statement. Unlike Magical Express, however, these alternatives cost tourists like the Shibleys money. “We did consider Lyft and Uber,” said Shawn Shibley, the father of Shibley.

“Based on our research, a one-way Uber ride to Disney would cost $38.31.” According to experts, surge pricing can double or even triple the cost of a trip to a resort during peak season. Brightline, a high-speed rail company, has announced that it intends to connect Orlando International Airport to Disney Springs.

Disney may bet on a connection to Brightline, as the high-speed rail company plans to connect Orlando International Airport to Disney Springs. However, such a route is decades away. Chapin stated that Mears is currently attempting to fill the void left by the Magical Express. Mears Connect, a new option offered by the company, is a one-way ticket between the airport and a Disney hotel that costs $16 for an adult.


“People can now be transported from their airplanes, through the airport, off the curb, and to the resort so they can begin their vacation,” Chapin explained. Even so, Mears employs the same Magical Express buses with new wraps. Mears Connect was chosen by the Shibleys, despite its higher price, due to its similarity to the other option.

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Shawn Shibley stated, “Wasn’t sure how many cars would be available for Lyft or Uber; this is the best alternative we have today.” In addition, Mears provides an express service that transports guests directly to their Disney hotel without stopping at any other resorts. This week, the price for a round-trip flight for up to four passengers rose to $250.

The Sunshine Flyer is a new bus service that transports guests from the airport to Disney resorts for $17 per adult one-way. The service begins on February 1.

Is the Magical Express service still available?

When will Disney’s Magical Express end service? – Disney’s Magical Express ceased service between Orlando International Airport and Walt Disney World Resort hotels on January 1, 2022; however, the service continued to transport Guests from Disney to Orlando International Airport until January 10, 2022.