When Is Ducktales Season 3 Coming To Disney Plus?

The third season of ‘DuckTales’ premieres on April 4 on Disney XD and DisneyNOW – What’s On Disney Plus.

Will DuckTales return for a fourth season on Disney Plus?

Variety reports that a spokesperson for Disney XD issued the following statement in response to the cancellation of DuckTales: “The talented creative team, led by Matt Youngberg and Francisco Angones, have delivered exceptional storytelling with uniquely reimagined characters for three seasons of 75 episodes and more than 15 shorts.

DuckTales (2017 TV series)

No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 69 (list of episodes)
Executive producer Matt Youngberg

Is Dewey infatuated with Webby?

Name a few Season 3 episodes | Fandom 0 Any additional information you could provide, such as why? 1 I believe one of the episodes of Season 3 of DuckTales (2017) should feature a guest appearance by Bambi from the classic Disney film of the same name.

If Bambi does not appear in Season 3, he must instead appear in the potential Season 4.4 Hewey and Louie create a romantic scene for webby and Dewey to express their feelings for one another. Daisy Duck’s presence in season 3 of DuckTales has been confirmed, so Donald is currently on a date with her.

The episode will essentially be about love. Webby and Dewey express their feelings to one another, while Donald and Daisy go on a date and express their feelings for one another. Later, Donald and Daisy marry, and the boys refer to Daisy as Aunt Daisy.

Receiving – Receiving

Review scores

Publication Score
5.8 / 10 (GB)
4 / 5 (NES)4.5 / 5 (GB)
3.575 / 5 (NES)

The limited production run and relatively late release of DuckTales 2 in June 1993, near the end of the Nintendo Entertainment System’s life cycle, resulted in lower sales than its predecessor, and it has since become a collector’s item. The console version was well-received, with Nintendo Power praising its “great play control and graphics” but noting that it was “more of the same” than the original.

Similarly, GamePro believed that “if you want more of the same, DuckTales 2 delivers,” adding that the game “is fun while it lasts, but it’s too short,” while recommending it to new players. The editors of criticized the Game Boy version, stating that it lacked the quality of Capcom’s previous handheld games, such as the and.

GamePro found the game to be a faithful port of the console version, praising its “sharp, clean graphics, innovative gameplay, and engrossing storyline.”

Why doesn’t Donald Duck appear in DuckTales?

Money is the driving force behind DuckTales. Not only for its beloved miserly character Scrooge McDuck, but for Disney as well. The original DuckTales helped revolutionize children’s animation in the 1980s, and the series did so without Donald Duck, Disney’s most famous mallard.

  • Donald Duck was introduced by Walt Disney in 1934 (six years after Mickey Mouse), and he quickly became one of the most significant characters in the company’s history and popular culture.
  • Carl Barks, one of the most influential contributors to modern comics and cartoon characters, gave Donald the wings he needed to soar to new heights of popularity.
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Barks used his Uncle Scrooge comic book series to provide Donald with depth, history, and his own world, Duckburg. The comics, which ran from 1952 to 2009, were among the best-selling of all time because of the town’s many popular characters, such as Scrooge McDuck.

  • Disney’s 1983 holiday classic Mickey’s Christmas Carol starring Scrooge McDuck demonstrated that children of the 1980s still enjoyed characters from their parents’ era.
  • Michael Eisner had just taken over as CEO and Chairman of The Walt Disney Company when he launched The Wuzzles and Adventures of the Gummi Bears, two new Saturday morning cartoons for children.

In contrast to the success of Gummi Bears, The Wuzzles was canceled after 13 episodes. Eisner decided to prevent networks from canceling his upcoming animated project by ordering 65 episodes for the first season of DuckTales, the number required for syndication to sell the show directly to local and international television stations.

Stations could air a new episode each weekday for 13 weeks, four times a year, ensuring Disney profits from the very beginning. However, it included potentially costly risks. Many Disney traditionalists were not accustomed to the show’s cheaper, lower-quality animation style. According to producer Tad Stones, speaking with Mouse Planet, Disney did not want to risk tarnishing the legacy of its iconic character by overexposure in a potentially poorly received children’s television show.

Donald Duck is also one of the most incomprehensible characters in the Disney library. Stones recalled how executives were concerned that his distinctive sound might irritate listeners after 30 minutes of attempting to comprehend his speech. Donald Duck contributed to the debut of the series by leaving his nephews with their miserable, money-obsessed great-uncle and his kind-hearted housekeeper, Mrs.

Beakley. However, Donald’s absence from the series is due to the decision of Disney executives to prevent his return. According to Stones, the decision to sideline the character was made to maximize Disney’s profits without jeopardizing the reputation of Donald Duck, one of the company’s most profitable characters.

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Even if DuckTales was not a hit in the 1980s, television stations still required content for syndication. Donald Duck’s association with DuckTales may have tarnished his reputation if critics and fans disliked the show. But Disney knew it was a long shot due to the popularity of the Barks-inspired characters on which DuckTales was based.

Angones says that while Scrooge’s wealth is significant to him, the producers of the new DuckTales wanted to emphasize why. “Is he trying to become the ultimate man? He is the richest, most daring, and most Scottish, but that does not necessarily make him a functional human being.” Not only does the show explore the concept of wealth through Scrooge, but also through the series’ other wealthy characters, such as Glomgold and Mark Beaks (a tech industry billionaire modeled after Mark Zuckerberg).

  • It was equally important for executive producer Matt Youngberg to explain why they were so money-obsessed.
  • When you have a character like Glomgold, who is more obsessed with money than even Scrooge, money becomes a substitute for happiness,” says Youngberg.
  • He continues to try to fill his life with money, but he did it out of spite, which is not a healthy motivation.

With Mark Beaks, we wished to investigate the nature of modern currency. Due to his wealth, other individuals view him as cool.” As Angones explains, there is a push and pull that distinguishes Scrooge from the other wealthy characters. His familial, treasured, and adventurous ties.

  1. Angones states that these are the three guiding principles of the Scrooge McDuck family.
  2. It’s been fascinating figuring out how to address this in a modern context that makes sense to us.
  3. Angones believes that Scrooge’s downfall is not so much his penchant for wealth, but rather his arrogance.
  4. When Scrooge is feeling down and needs to pick himself up, he will frequently exclaim, “I’m Scrooge McDuck!” “When you hear someone refer to themselves in the third person, you know they’re trying to make up for something,” says Angones.

We’ve said since the beginning of the show that Scrooge will take all the risks in the world because he has so much faith in himself that if he lost all of his money tomorrow, he knows he could work hard and earn it back. In Season 3 of DuckTales, Scrooge will grapple with the notion that “the most important thing about Scrooge McDuck isn’t being Scrooge McDuck,” as Angones explains, which will make for an intriguing conversation.

  1. Throughout much of the third season, Scrooge reverts to his old ways, reaffirming his superiority and seeking to teach the children to do the same.
  2. However, he will encounter obstacles along the way that will make him realize he is not as unstoppable as he believed.” This ties in perfectly with the third season’s planned focus on.
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Things have changed since Scrooge amassed his fortune, and the same is true of the modern world. Scrooge must adapt to the times, but DuckTales is already light years ahead of him: The modernization of DuckTales and the “Richest Duck in the World”
Gyro Gearloose is a cartoon character created in 1952 by Carl Barks for Disney comics. An anthropomorphic chicken, he is part of the Donald Duck universe, appearing in comic book stories as a friend of Donald Duck, Scrooge McDuck, and anyone who is associated with them.

What is the age of Scrooge McDuck in DuckTales?

Age – According to the 1955 one-page story “Watt an Occasion” (Uncle Scrooge #12) by Carl Barks, Scrooge is 75 years old. According to Don Rosa, Scrooge was born in Scotland in 1867, and he earned his first dime ten years later. The DuckTales episodes (and numerous European comics) depict a 19th-century Scottish Scrooge who was clearly familiar with the technology and amenities of the 1980s.

Despite his advanced age, Scrooge does not appear to be on the verge of senility and can keep up with his nephews during their adventures. With rare exceptions, he shows no indication of slowing down. Barks responded to fan letters asking about Scrooge’s Adamic age by stating that in the story “That’s No Fable!,” when Scrooge drank water from a Fountain of Youth for several days, rather than making him young again (bodily contact with the water was required for that), ingesting the water rejuvenated his body and cured him of his rheumatism, allowing him to live beyond his expected years with no signs of slowing down or dementia.

Don Rosa’s solution to the issue of Scrooge’s age is that he set all of his stories in the 1950s or earlier, which is when he himself discovered and enjoyed Barks’ stories as a child, and in his unofficial timelines, Scrooge died in 1967 at the age of 100.