When Is The Beatles On Disney Plus?

When Is The Beatles On Disney Plus
When Does The Beatles: Get Back Premiere? Release Date, Time – The Beatles: Get Back was released officially on Disney+ on November 25, 2021. Each episode of the three-part documentary The Beatles: Get Back will be released separately. The first episode of Get Back debuted on November 25, followed by the second episode on November 26 and the third and final episode on November 27.

Will the Beatles be available on Disney+?

‘The Beatles: Get Back’ is a three-part documentary series directed by three-time Oscar® winner Peter Jackson (‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, ‘They Shall Not Grow Old’) that transports viewers back in time to the band’s intimate recording sessions during a pivotal moment in music history.

  • Comprised of over 60 hours of unseen footage shot in January 1969 (by Michael Lindsay-Hogg) and over 150 hours of unheard audio, all of which has been brilliantly restored, the documentary highlights the warmth, camaraderie, and creative genius that defined the legacy of the legendary quartet.
  • Jackson is the only individual in the past fifty years to be granted access to these private film archives.

The Beatles: Get Back is the story of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr as they prepare for their first live performance in over two years. The film captures the writing and rehearsal of 14 new songs, which were originally intended for release on an accompanying live album.

After November 27, you’ll be able to binge-watch the entire Get Back series. Until then, you’ll have to wait until each episode is released. The Beatles: Get Back is an exclusive Disney+ release, meaning the documentary will not be available in theaters or on television.

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Where can I view free Beatles videos online?

How to Stream The Beatles: Get Back for Free Online – Disney+ does not offer a free trial at this time, but there are a few ways to watch The Beatles: Get Back online for free. If you are a Verizon customer, you may be eligible for their “Disney+ on Us” promotion, which provides six months of Disney+ for free with certain phone and Internet plans.

  • Sign up for the free Disney+ offer or visit this page to see if your current Verizon plan qualifies, then use your subscription to watch The Beatles: Get Back online for free.
  • Buy Disney+ with Us Offer Verizon Another free online method to stream The Beatles: Get Back Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers can also receive six months of Disney+ for free.

Sign up for Amazon Music Unlimited through the link and watch The Beatles: Get Back on Disney+ for free. Pay $7.99 for Amazon Music Unlimited You can use the deal to stream their music on Amazon in addition to watching The Beatles: Get Back online.