When Is The Radio Disney Music Awards?

Radio Disney Music Awards – Wikipedia Annual music award Radio Disney Music Awards Current: CountryUnited States is the sponsor of the event. Reward(s)”Golden Mickey” trophy First awardedDecember 23, 2001 ; 20 years ago ( 2001-12-23 ) ( 2001-12-23 ) Last awardedJune 16, 2019 ; 3 years ago ( 2019-06-16 ) ( 2019-06-16 ) Website Television/radio coverage Network (radio) (television) (television) Runtime150 minutes (radio)120 minutes (television) (television) The Radio Disney Music Awards ( RDMA ) were an annual awards program operated and administered by, an American,

Where did the Radio Disney Music Awards go?

The Radio Disney Music Awards (RDMA or RDMAs) was an annual awards event produced and administered by Radio Disney, an American radio network. Beginning in 2001, the show was initially only broadcast on Radio Disney, but from 2013 to 2019 it began airing on Disney Channel.
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What radio station is Disney Hits broadcast on?

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