When Will Bluey Season 3 Come To Disney Plus?

When Will Bluey Season 3 Come To Disney Plus
The first episode of Season 3 of “Bluey” is streaming on Disney Plus. When will part two arrive? -, The third season of the show will be released in two parts. We anticipate 25 additional episodes to premiere later in 2022. In Australia, 15 episodes were released in June following the initial 26 and 11 episodes are still to be released.

  • Here’s hoping that all of part two premieres simultaneously in the United States.
  • This popular pilot was created over the weekend,” Daley shared.
  • Suddenly, everyone realized that they were co-viewing.
  • It was a show that was genuine for both children and adults.
  • It was humorous to them both.
  • The next question was whether or not you could maintain 52 episodes per season.

We hoped that this would be possible.” Continue reading below advertisement In addition to ABC and BBC Studios, he and the rest of the team are grateful to Disney Plus for continuing to provide Bluey with a home. “It’s been a bit of a dream journey where every day we count our blessings,” he said.

Is there going to be a season four of Bluey?

Will there be a fourth season of Bluey? – More Bluey is on the way! Bluey’s creators issued a statement refuting the Daily Mail Australia’s May 2022 report that the show is coming to an end, which was allegedly based on information from inside sources close to the studio where Bluey is produced in Brisbane.

Episode of The Missing Bluey titled “Family Meeting” – When Dad is accused of fluffing Bluey’s face as he climbs out of bed, he is put on trial with Bluey and Bingo as witnesses and Mum as the judge. Bluey may also need to explain her presence there. Without an official statement from Disney+ representatives, it can be assumed that the House of Mouse rejected “Family Meeting” due to the central role of flatulence in the episode’s plot.

Not that Disney’s own animated programming throughout the years has been entirely highbrow and fart-free, and it’s not as if earlier Bluey episodes didn’t also feature Bandit passing gas. I suppose, however, that passively passing gas is on a different level than a father accused of farting in his child’s face.

While this may seem like a silly reason for Disney+ to omit this episode, it would not be the first time Bluey content was omitted from reaching U.S. audiences. (In addition to the occurrences noted elsewhere in Season 3) For example, the Season 2 episode “Dad Baby,” in which Bandit simulates childbirth, has never been available on Disney+ or Disney Junior due to childbirth-related restrictions.

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Does Disney Plus offer Season 3 of Bluey?

Bluey Season 3 Episode 1 is scheduled to premiere on Disney Plus on August 10, 2022.

Bluey’s creators have stated that the show will NOT be canceled. Published: 4 May 2022, 23:40 GMT | Updated: 30 May 2022, 08:59 GMT

  • The studio behind the beloved Australian children’s cartoon Bluey has stated that there are “no plans” to end the series, despite rumors to the contrary.
  • The iconic show, which features a happy family of blue heeler dogs, is rumored to be nearing its conclusion, with sources close to the production hub in Brisbane speculating that it may end because the young actor behind Bluey is changing his voice.
  • The actor, whose identity has been concealed to protect her privacy, is among the production team’s friends and family.
  • But after four years and 130 episodes, the young actor’s voice has naturally matured, leaving producers with the option of recasting the role or – more drastically – canceling the show, according to sources.

Bluey’s production studio, Ludo Studio in Brisbane, has insisted there are ‘no plans’ to end the beloved Australian children’s cartoon, despite insider claims to the contrary. ‘It has been one of, if not the hardest and most heartbreaking decisions the producers have had to make,’ said a source.

  1. Ludo, however, has denied that the third season of Bluey will be the last, stating that the reports are ‘inaccurate’
  2. A spokesperson for the studio told Daily Mail Australia, “We absolutely adore Bluey, and there are no plans to end the show.”
  3. We always complete a season before planning the next one, and we’re currently halfway through series three and extremely excited for the future – we can’t wait to share new episodes.

A spokesperson for the program’s studio stated, “We absolutely adore Bluey, and there are no plans to cancel the show.”

  • The remaining 26 episodes of the third season of Bluey are currently being produced.
  • A spokesperson for Bluey’s distributor at the BBC in the United Kingdom refused to confirm that the third season would be the final one.
  • They told Daily Mail Australia, “Ludo is currently hard at work on series 3, which we’re thrilled to bring audiences this year.”
  • We are extremely enthusiastic about the future of Bluey, which is currently a massive global success, and there is certainly much more to come.
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Former Custard lead singer Dave McCormack receiving the AAACTA Award for Best Children’s Programming. Over the years, a number of popular children’s television programs have made high-profile recasting decisions, including the UK preschool hit Bing!, which replaced both leads between seasons one and two.

In 2019, the producer of Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood spoke about the difficulties of casting children in voice roles, stating that the lead role of Daniel was frequently recast in the popular American series. “The show has been on the air for six years, so we had to recast,” Chris Loggins stated on The Not-The-Mama Dad’s blog, confirming that they had used three actors over the course of four years.

Bluey creator and writer Joe Brumm (R) and Logies 2019 Best Children’s Program winner Charlie Aspinwall (L)

  1. Bluey’s series producer and creator, Joe Brumm, is rumored to oppose recasting out of’respect’ for the original voice actor, who has played such an integral and distinctive role in the show’s phenomenal success.
  2. Bluey’s younger sister Bingo is also voiced by one of the show’s production crew’s children, who has also remained anonymous.
  3. Former Custard lead singer David McCormack and actress Melanie Zanetti respectively provided the other notable voices of Bandit’s father and mother.

Melanie Zanetti provides the voice for Chilli, the mother of Bluey and Bingo.

  • Bluey, which debuted in 2018 on the ABC in Australia, was quickly praised for its refreshing characters, particularly Bandit as a capable and astute father as opposed to a typical bumbling background character in children’s television.
  • It also received acclaim from critics and parents, who praised its naturalism and parodies of modern parenting.
  • As one of the few children’s programs enjoyed equally by parents and children, the show would eventually win a number of awards worldwide, including a Kids Emmy in 2019 for the tear-jerker episode ‘Sleepytime’ and Best Animated Series at the Critics’ Choice Awards in 2021.
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Natalie Portman, winner of an Academy Award, lent her voice to an episode of Bluey’s third season in which she narrated a whale documentary.

  1. Bluey was ranked number 96 on a list of the top 100 sitcoms of all time compiled by Rolling Stone magazine and published in the United States.
  2. It continues to be the most downloaded program in ABC’s history.
  3. Moreover, licensing deals with Target, Big W, Target, Kmart, Catch, and Bonds have generated a multimillion-dollar merchandise industry.
  4. A major US live tour is planned for later this year.

Bluey will NOT be canceled, according to the producers of the show.

Will Bluey be Canceled?

“No plans to end the show” – Feeling our own fears, Kidspot contacted the creators of Bluey, who denied the rumor. A spokesperson for Ludo Studio stated, “We absolutely adore Bluey and have no plans to cancel the show.” “We always complete a season before planning the next one, and we’re currently halfway through series three and extremely excited for the future – we can’t wait to share new episodes.” Bluey’s British broadcaster, BBC Studios, also confirmed additional episodes, saying, “Currently, Ludo is hard at work on the third season, which we are thrilled to bring to audiences this year.

We are extremely enthusiastic about the future of Bluey, which is currently a massive global success, and there is undoubtedly much more to come.” One of the show’s producers and founders, Daley Pearson, responded to tweets about the devastating news with a meme containing the words “uh oh, that’s bait” and a heart with a fish hook.

Insinuating that the article was clickbait.

The two seasons of the popular preschool series created by Joe Brumm and produced by BBC Studios and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation are available on in the United States with. If this were an episode of Bluey, Bandit would hug Bluey and remind her not to believe rumors.