Where To Park At Disney Springs?

Where To Park At Disney Springs
Orange Parking Garage – If you plan to be near the west side of Disney Springs, you should park in the Orange Garage. The majority of visitors who park here are going to ultra-popular locations like House of Blues, Splitsville, Jaleo, and Planet Hollywood.

The Orange garage is located in a different area than the Lime garage, and the Orange garage has two exits/entrances, whereas the Lime garage only has one. One entrance/exit of the Orange Garage will bring you directly to Splitsville (the Westside), while the other will bring you directly to Planet Hollywood (right in between the West Side and Town Center).

Similar to the Lime Garage, it has five floors of available parking with built-in escalators, digital number boxes that indicate available parking on each floor, and color-coded lights for each row.

Where is the optimal parking location for Disney Springs?

Parking Garages – The remainder of the Disney promenade is bordered by the Orange, Lime, and Grapefruit Garages. Orange Garage offers the easiest access to Town Center and the West Side. In close proximity to the Orange Garage are the Coca-Cola Store, the AMC Theater, Planet Hollywood, and the bowling alley.

The entrance to Disney Springs is accessible directly from the second level of the Orange garage. The “smart garages” at Disney Springs display the number of available parking spaces via signage. Lime Parking Garage is the best option for parking when visiting the Marketplace and the shops and restaurants at the east end of The Landing and Town Center.

The Grapefruit Parking Garage is opposite the Lime Parking Garage on the opposite side of Buena Vista Drive. If you park in this garage, a pedestrian bridge will lead you to The Marketplace, where you can easily reach popular destinations such as World of Disney, the Lego Store, and T-Rex Café.

  • The Disney Springs garages provide a unique parking experience that is generally well-received.
  • They are tidy, well-lit, and straightforward to navigate.
  • These garages are “smart garages” with automated parking information.
  • Outside each garage is a sign indicating the number of available spaces on each floor, while inside each garage, each row displays the number of available spaces.
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Lastly, a small green light on the ceiling denotes an available space. When a vehicle pulls into a parking space, the light turns off and the number of available spaces changes. To transport guests between parking levels, escalators, elevators, and stairs are provided.

How do you get free parking at Disney Springs?

Free Self-Parking Free self-parking is available in all surface lots and garages with direct access to Disney Springs.

Stay at a Disney Resort at Walt Disney World – Let’s begin with the simplest option. Guests of Disney Resorts receive complimentary parking at Disney Theme Parks. Yep. That is correct. Free parking at any Disney theme park is a perk of staying on Disney property. You will still be required to pay the Disney Resort Parking Fees, but you can also read our post on how to avoid paying these fees.