Which Disney Movie Was Inspired By Prince Philip?

Which Disney Movie Was Inspired By Prince Philip
Prince Philip Inspired This Classic Disney Character Disney fans may already be aware of this, but did you know that the Duke of Edinburgh inspired the name of the prince in Sleeping Beauty? Disney looked to British nobility for inspiration when naming the prince in the 1959 animated masterpiece.

Snow White and Cinderella were the first two princes to feature in princess flicks. Nonetheless, they were not given names. However, some fans refer to Snow White’s prince as Florian, while Cinderella’s as simply Prince Charming. The Prince in Sleeping Beauty was given the name of the Duke of Edinburgh since it was a name that many Americans were familiar with.

The animated Prince was also the first “active” prince and was given several lines of dialogue. When Sleeping Beauty was shown in cinemas, Philip and his wife had been married for just 12 years, and she had been queen for only seven. Today, Prince Philip died at the age of 99, and several nations paid respect to the king.

Prince Philip may have been the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty.

There Is A Idea That The Prince In Sleeping Beauty Was Based On Prince Philip The tragic news of Prince Philip’s death this week has brought back into the forefront a fascinating Disney fan theory. Disney aficionados are apparently persuaded that Prince Philip was the basis for his character in the 1959 animated masterpiece Sleeping Beauty.

  1. And the evidence is rather persuasive.
  2. People believe Prince Phillip in Sleeping Beauty was inspired by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.
  3. Credit: Disney) Many have noted that Prince Phillip in Sleeping Beauty was the first prince to be given a first name, as the princes in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) and Cinderella (1950) are unnamed.
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In Snow White, the prince is simply referred to as The Prince, but in Cinderella, he is called Prince Charming. The prince in Sleeping Beauty was given the Duke of Edinburgh’s name since he was the prince with whom American viewers were most familiar in 1959, per Sleeping Beauty’s.

True, the Duke of Edinburgh was the inspiration for the Prince in Sleeping Beauty. (Photo of the Hulton Royals Collection) The remainder of Prince Phillip’s characteristics appear to be fictitious; the prince just provided his name. Heroic and intelligent, the protagonist of Sleeping Beauty has brown hair and brown eyes (though this is not always apparent due to the animation technique).

  1. His age is never specified, however he is assumed to be a few years older than Aurora.
  2. Sleeping Beauty was not given a royal name, but she is also known as Aurora and Briar Rose, the former due to the original 17th-century narrative by Charles Perrault and the latter due to the Brothers Grimm version.

Audrey Hepburn influenced Aurora’s appearance, so she didn’t do too terrible. Sleeping Beauty was released in 1959 – 60 years ago – and we’ve compiled the most interesting facts about the film to commemorate the occasion.

Who is the Sleeping Beauty Prince named after?

Getty Prince Philip inspired one of the most popular Disney characters of all time, and you may be surprised to learn who it is. The Prince in the classic Disney film Sleeping Beauty was in fact named after the Duke of Edinburgh. The 1959 picture was the first Disney film to feature a prince with a name, and its creators allegedly drew inspiration from the British monarchy.

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Getty Getty According to Express.co.uk, a Disney fansite explains why Philip inspired the renowned character: “Phillip was the first Disney prince to be given a proper name and a developed personality.” Royal Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and husband of Queen Elizabeth II, was reportedly chosen as his namesake since he was the prince the American public recognized best at the time.

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