Who Is The Ugliest Disney Princess?

Who Is The Ugliest Disney Princess
Don’t forget to login!) Disney Princess Ugliest Disney Princess, as voted by 148 fans: Esmeralda (Used to be part of official lineup)

Who is the least popular princess?

Trivia – Eilonwy is a central figure in the book series The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander, on which the film is loosely based. Eilonwy is not featured in the official lineup of Disney Princesses or on any merchandise. Despite the cult following it gained on home video releases, this is likely due to Disney’s general tendency to disassociate themselves from their movie due to its failure and much darker tones (possibly also because of her preteen age, unlike the other Disney Princesses).

In addition, the cuts, re-editing, and reworking the film underwent after its completion, including some of the soundtrack, would render it “incomplete.” Fans have dubbed Princess Eilonwy the “Forgotten Disney Princess” due to her lack of popularity and the fact that she is not a “official” Disney Princess, despite being born a princess, similar to Kida Nedakh from Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

In The Chronicles of Prydain novels, Eilonwy had the habit of running barefoot. The Black Cauldron pre-production art reveals that Disney’s version of Eilonwy was also intended to be barefoot. In The Chronicles of Prydain, Eilonwy’s ornament neither floats nor changes color from anything besides the golden light it emits.

  • In the series, Eilonwy herself is unaware that her bauble’s real name is The Golden Pelydryn.
  • In contrast to the film and the original series, Eilonwy is a descendant of the Welsh mythological god Llyr.
  • In the books, Eilonwy is described as having red-gold hair, but in the film, she has blonde hair.
  • Eilonwy and Kida, unlike most Disney Princesses and heroines, possess a magical item as opposed to animal companions.

Hayley Mills was originally cast in the role of Princess Eilonwy and recorded some scenes before being replaced by Susan Sheridan for unknown reasons. Who Is The Ugliest Disney Princess In some products, the dress worn by Eilonwy is blue. In some products, her dress is depicted as being blue. Lloyd Alexander derived Eilonwy’s name from Welsh names with elemental meanings, such as white brow and elm. In Welsh, Eilon means “fawn,” and the suffix – wy means “water.” Although it was revealed that she was abducted by the Horned King before she met Taran and made her first appearance in the film, Eilowny’s abduction was never depicted on-screen.

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Who is the Disney princess most disliked by fans?

15) Princess Aurora – Sleeping Beauty – Many people cite Aurora – or Briar Rose, to call her by her ridiculous nickname – as their favorite princess of all time, but they are all wrong and have terrible opinions. Aurora is without a doubt the worst Disney character ever created.

  1. She appears on-screen for 18 minutes, which is not terribly long given her existence.
  2. Her first spoken line occurs 19 minutes into the film.
  3. Her final line is spoken 39 minutes after she learns of her engagement.
  4. And the final sound she makes in the film is when she arrives at the castle and sobs uncontrollably about never seeing her “true love” (i.e., the man she met briefly in the forest) again.

That is all. Then she falls asleep, and the entire film is about Prince Phillip galloping off on a horse to battle a dragon, dash into the castle, and kiss an unconscious woman to whom he has already confessed his sexual attraction. Aurora is that unconscious woman.

  1. And, indeed, she awakens and smiles silently at the pervert who has just been leering over her bed, before submissively grasping his arm and entering an arranged marriage.
  2. Not a word is spoken.
  3. She does not greet her parents with “Hey, what’s up?” when she sees them for the first time in years.
  4. She does not thank the fairies who have protected her throughout her entire life.

She doesn’t even say, as we certainly would, “dude, the craziest effing thing happened to me when I touched a spinning wheel earlier.” All in all, terrible. Feminist ranking: 18 banners for men’s rights, slowly waved in front of a sobbing Emily Davison.

Snow White. The fact that she is “the most beautiful woman in the land” is constantly rammed down our throats, but at least she has some personality. She is likable, correct? She persuades the Huntsman not to sever her heart and feed it to the Evil Queen! She defeats Grumpy! She succeeds in convincing a tortoise to do the dishes for her! Indeed, people enjoy her.

Additionally, she has dialogue, which is something. She is still the archetypal damsel in distress, waiting to be rescued by her own Prince Charming and whisked away into the sunset. She cooks, cleans, sews buttons, makes men feel good about themselves, and again waits for a stranger to kiss her while she is unconscious.

  1. In fact, while she is “dead.” Therefore, this is necrophilia, correct? Hmm.1 politician with gray hair who acknowledges that women may have problems, but men have more.
  2. Cinderella is another inexplicably popular princess, given that she doesn’t do or say much in this film to help herself.
  3. She breaks the rules by going out to a party instead of cleaning up after her wicked stepmother and stepsisters.

Certainly, she escapes a life of toil and servitude. And, yes, she is a hopeless dreamer, but her dreams all revolve around marrying someone, anyone, so that she can finally move out of her parents’ house and regain some degree of independence. We believe that her Prince Charming likes her solely because of her dress.

  • And her footwear He asks his staff to find his future bride by literally giving them a shoe and wishing them good luck.
  • But, sir,” his footman would likely respond, “what about her hair color?” Her eyes? Height? Is there anything else I can utilize here?” “Well,” the prince responds, staring off into the distance.

“She was as fit as a fiddle. However, I was completely out of it last night, so the details are hazy.” Really, Cinders, this individual? How about you just move out and don’t get married to some guy who knows nothing about you? Move out, start a dressmaking business (mice can help), and become an independent woman.