Why Are Disney Cruises So Expensive?

Why Are Disney Cruises So Expensive
The Disney Name – When you purchase anything Disney-related, you are undoubtedly paying for the name. Disney had earned a reputation for providing children and adults with luxurious services and experiences. They frequently incur expenses to ensure that their guests have a good time.

Is Disney the most costly cruise line?

How much more expensive is a Disney cruise than other cruise lines? – I researched the average per-person cost of a seven-night Caribbean cruise for two people sharing a balcony cabin. In addition to the cruise fare, I considered the cost of tips and whether or not drinks are included.

Cruise line Cruise fare Gratuities Drinks Total
Disney Cruise Line $2550 (£2000) $95 (£74) extra $2645 (£2074)
Celebrity Cruises $1670 (£1300) included included $1670 (£1300)
Marella $1670 (£1300) included included $1670 (£1300)
Norwegian Cruise Line $1359 (£1059) $109 (£85) extra $1468 (£1144)
P&O Cruises $1280 (£1000) included extra $1280 (£1000)
Princess Cruises $1153 (£900) $102 (£80) extra $1255 (£980)
Royal Caribbean $1150 (£900) $102 (£80) extra $1252 (£980)
Carnival $963 (£730) $98 (£74) extra $1061 (£804)
Costa Cruises $900 (£685) $88 (£67) extra $988 (£752)
MSC Cruises $988 (£750) included extra $988 (£750)

In August 2021, I will sail with both Disney Cruise Line and MSC Cruises. Let me tell you, they are completely different! You may also find this guide I wrote upon my return to be of interest: Why do MSC Cruises cost so little?

Crowds – If you’ve ever been on a Disney cruise, you know that regardless of when you go, it’s a fantastic experience. However, crowds may influence when you choose to travel. The busiest times for Disney cruises are during school breaks, summer, and major holiday weeks such as Spring Break, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Since these are typically the only times when the entire family can take a vacation together, you see a high volume of families during these times. Since the majority of staterooms can accommodate 4 or 5 passengers, the ship will appear (and be) fuller (with families) during peak times than during off-peak times when the percentage of couples is higher.

Similarly, sailings on dates near a school break – or that fall near a long weekend – are typically busier due to the fact that many families take their children out of school for the weekend. During off-seasons, such as the fall, Disney cruises are less crowded.

In addition to lower prices, off-peak times typically offer more stateroom options and availability. When you book in advance, you will receive the best prices and a guaranteed stateroom. Even when a Disney cruise ship is completely booked, there is still space to escape the crowds, and you can always book a spacious cabin to retreat to.

Some people believe that the only truly crowded areas are dining rooms and swimming pools. However, every cruise is unique. You will never encounter Disney World-like crowds, however. Off-peak hours are recommended as they are less crowded. Crowd levels can influence your decision regarding the optimal time to take a Disney Cruise.

How much does Disney Cruise popcorn cost?

Popular Snacks and Beverage Options Return Cruises Too – In a pleasant surprise for MickeyTravels agent Jennifer McCormack, who is currently sailing on the Disney Magic, a number of veteran Castaway Club members’ preferred dining options have recently returned to Disney Cruise Line.

Among the delicious choices, refillable popcorn buckets are again available at theatres onboard. Image attribution: Jennifer McCormack, agent for MickeyTravels As with all Disney popcorn, the bucket is an excellent souvenir and snack option. The themed container is filled with freshly-popped snack for just $7.50.

The container refills make a stellar evening treat for just $1.50 per fill and available at theatres onboard. Video Credit: Jennifer McCormack, MickeyTravels agent Happy Hour treats also returned to the lounges onboard as well as self-service buffets.

  • The abundance of delicious savory options as well as sweet sensations often places Disney Cruise Line in a league of their own when it comes to culinary options while cruising.
  • Image attribution: Jennifer McCormack, agent for MickeyTravels Buffet options have also returned to Disney’s private island in the Bahamas, Castaway Cay.

In the main area of the island, guests can enjoy a family-friendly buffet. For adults, a quieter lunch spot also features within the adult-only section of the oasis, Serenity Bay. Image attribution: Jennifer McCormack, agent for MickeyTravels A cruise-long pass to the RainForest room at Senses Spa is an incredible way to truly unwind each day for those seeking relaxation.

During the pandemic protocols, guests could not purchase cruise-long passes, so this is a special treat. Image attribution: Jennifer McCormack, agent for MickeyTravels Recent changes have brought the Disney Cruise Line guest experience closer and closer to normalcy. Regardless, the fleet of Disney ships will always provide some of the best entertainment, culinary, and family-friendly programming at sea.

Image Credit: Jennifer McCormack, agent for MickeyTravels

What distinguishes a standard cruise from a Disney cruise?

You’re searching for the ideal family cruise vacation; do you select Royal Caribbean or Disney Cruise Line? Both cruise lines receive high marks for their ability to entertain children and adults of all ages, including infants and toddlers, with extensive children’s clubs, onboard attractions, and activities.

There are differences between the two lines, despite the fact that neither one is inherently inferior. Disney offers a possibly more upscale experience with its smaller ships and slightly more inclusive fares, but its cruises are more expensive and offer fewer ships and itineraries. During peak travel periods, some Royal Caribbean ships carrying thousands of passengers can feel crowded and overrun with children.

However, with a large selection of ships and cruise destinations, you can find options that are quieter and more adult-oriented. Although you may feel as though you’re being charged for trivial extras onboard, base fares are generally much lower than Disney, and there is a greater variety of dining and entertainment options.