Why Is Disney Stopping Happily Ever After?

Why Is Disney Stopping Happily Ever After
Walt Disney World has confirmed that many shows would return in August 2021. In addition, the corporation clearly hinted that Happily Ever After will expire for good in September 2021. In this piece, we’ll disclose the specifics and provide lengthy discussion on the possibility that this assertion is now accurate.

We already know that Disney Enchantment is a new evening spectacular that will premiere at Magic Kingdom on October 1, 2021, as part of the World’s Most Magical Celebration. This event commemorates Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary and will continue for at least 18 months, or until approximately April 1, 2023.

Additionally, we are aware that Epcot Forever will terminate on October 1, 2021 for the same reason. Harmonious, the grandiose new nightly spectacle consisting of a Stargate and several enormous water tacos, will replace it. Epcot Forever has been characterized as a transitory, limited-run nightly spectacle between IllumiNations and Harmonious from its inception.

It was always planned to be a temporary solution that would allow Epcot to enjoy fireworks while Harmonious was being constructed on World Showcase Lagoon. When Disney Enchantment was first released in June, no such comment was made regarding Happily Ever After. The statement merely stated that Disney Enchantment was designed to debut with “The World’s Most Magical Celebration” and is a nighttime spectacle that would take you on a journey filled with adventure, wonder, and empowerment.

“Disney Enchantment” will feature music, increased lighting, breathtaking pyrotechnics, and, for the first time, immersive projection effects that reach from Cinderella Castle down Main Street, United States of America. Since the release of Disney Enchantment, we have discovered fresh South Florida Water Management district licenses for more pyro launch locations to be constructed behind Magic Kingdom.

These new perimeter launch points will provide 120 degrees of pyro for Disney Enchantment. That’s more than Happily Ever After and ought to feel comparable to the Halloween and Christmas Party fireworks from 2019 (as opposed to previous years, when the coverage was 180°). These particulars are essential for the future of Happily Ever After.

This is because the improved lighting, immersive projection effects on Main Street, and additional perimeter launch spots distinguish Disney Enchantment from Happily Ever After. Its infrastructure is not the same (and for once, by “different,” we actually mean much better ).

  • This alone casts doubt on the reintroduction of the existing version of Happily Ever After to Magic Kingdom.
  • Walt Disney World’s latest statement about Happily Ever After (and Epcot Forever) is as follows: “This summer is also your final opportunity to watch the current Disney fireworks displays before they fade into Disney lore.

The limited-time run of ‘EPCOT Forever’ will end on September 28, and you have till September 29 to view ‘Happily Ever After’ at Magic Kingdom Park.” On the surface, this seems rather straightforward. Both Epcot Forever and Happily Ever After will stop forever on September 28-29, 2021, according to the literal interpretation of this remark.

  • It makes sense, but I don’t buy it.
  • Every reliable rumor I heard before to today indicated that Happily Ever After’s future has not yet been determined.
  • In addition, a final decision will not be made until Walt Disney World has had the opportunity to measure guest response to Disney Enchantment.
  • Unsurprisingly, visitor satisfaction is over the sky at Happily Ever After.
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Compared to other Magic Kingdom fireworks, Happily Ever After is likewise relatively new and immensely popular. According to my understanding, the choice about Magic Kingdom fireworks after the 50th anniversary will be almost completely on whatever evening spectacular receives the highest rating.

  1. Disney Enchantment will continue if it closes.
  2. I have no reason to suppose that this calculation has altered, notwithstanding the announcement made today.
  3. It is probable that Disney Creative Entertainment puts a great deal of faith in Disney Enchantment.
  4. Disney Enchantment is more likely than not to continue forever through 2023.

This does not yet make it true that Happily Ever After will cease permanently on September 29, 2021. It may or could not be true. If the reports are true, this is currently unknown because no visitors have seen Disney Enchantment and, consequently, no guests have reviewed it.

I’m not trying to be a contrarian or give Happily Ever After believers false optimism. Let’s just say that I am quite dubious of Disney’s claim, since they do not have the finest track record of candor when it comes to entertainment farewell runs. I’ve watched Main Street Electrical Parade on its “last” night several times, and I’m sure that some veteran Disneyland fans have seen the parade’s “final” night many more times than I have.

This is by far the most known and severe case of Disney reviving retired entertainment, although there are countless others. The language of the announcement gives enough space for interpretation. It invites visitors to view the current fireworks displays before they “sparkle into Disney history.” You have until September 29 to “enjoy the spectacle” of Happily Ever After, the text continues.

  • No terms of finality are ever used to characterize the conclusion of Happily Ever After’s reign.
  • I’m not attempting to be pedantic, but technically, each night’s fireworks “sparkle into Disney history” after they conclude for that specific night.
  • Constantly, history is being written and rewritten.
  • Time is a round plane.

Etc. Part of me also wonders whether Walt Disney World intends to encourage people to schedule last-minute excursions to see Happily Ever After in September, which is generally the off-season and the month with the lowest attendance. (Who knows what this year will bring, but even as summer crowds increase, we anticipate a pre-50th quiet in late August and September.) In the future, if/when the plans for Happily Ever After alter or “develop,” Disney may simply publish a press release declaring that “your wish has been fulfilled, and Happily Ever After will return to Magic Kingdom!” The template for such a post already exists and has been utilized on several occasions.

  • It is a terrific image for Disney, as it makes people feel like their opinions are being considered. Win-win.
  • Ultimately, I would not be shocked if the press announcement issued today regarding the end of Happily Ever After’s run turns out to be accurate.
  • I would also not be shocked if it did not.
  • Although the phrasing definitely implies Happily Ever After will not return, I find it extremely hard to believe the choice has been taken or will be made this year.
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I believe Walt Disney World will benefit the most from the announcement that Happily Ever After will terminate its run at the end of September. Like Disneyland’s cycle of nighttime spectaculars, nothing prevents the projections and pyro in Happily Ever After from being strengthened and enlarged, and for that nighttime spectacular to “re-debut” in 2023 as a “reimagined take on a classic tale.” I think it may legally make it true that the current Happily Ever After is ending permanently, but for now, I don’t trust the spirit of the statement.

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Why has Disney decided to cancel Happily Ever After?

When Returns Happily Ever After to Walt Disney World? In 2023, the Happily Ever After fireworks display will return to Walt Disney World. Due of the pandemic, the program, which remains immensely popular among Disney fans, was first suspended. As part of Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebration, it was later replaced by Enchantment in late 2021.

  1. In the spring of 2023, guests may anticipate the restoration of the performance to its proper location in the Magic Kingdom.
  2. This was created for the presentation “Boundless Future: Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products” at the 2022 D23 Expo.
  3. A unique live performance of Happily Ever After with singer-songwriter Jordan Fisher was reported in the press.

Happily Ever After’s return date has not been specified, however Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Celebration will end on March 31, 2023. In light of this, we have highlighted April 1, 2023 on our calendar as a probable return date for Happily Ever After in the Magic Kingdom.

Happily Ever After
Magic Kingdom
Area Cinderella Castle
Status Removed
Opening date May 12, 2017 (Original) April 1, 2023 (Updated)
Closing date September 29, 2021 (Original)
Replaced Wishes: A Magical Gathering of Disney Dreams
Replaced by Disney Enchantment
Ride statistics
Attraction type Fireworks and projection show
Designer Disney Live Entertainment
Music “Happily Ever After” performed by Angie Keilhauer and Jordan Fisher Score arrangement by Tim Heintz
Duration 18 minutes
Narrator Tom Kane
FastPass+ available
Wheelchair accessible
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Happily Ever After is a fireworks and projection mapping event that debuted on May 12, 2017 in the Magic Kingdom. The event, unlike its predecessor Wishes: A Magical Gathering of Disney Dreams, included projection mapping on Cinderella Castle, lasers, and searchlights in addition to fireworks.

The performance featured characters and music from several Disney flicks. The song was composed by Adam Watts, Melissa Peirce, and Andrew Dodd and sung by Angie Keilhauer and Jordan Fisher. It was claimed that the event will include the most technologically advanced projection mapping display in the history of Disney Parks (after the introduction from ElecTRONica at Disney California Adventure).

The show was decommissioned on September 29, 2021, and on September 30, 2021, it was replaced with the new show Disney Enchantment celebrating Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary. At the D23 Expo on September 11, 2022, it was revealed that the event will return to Walt Disney World Resort in 2023 in an improved version.

Why are the fireworks for Happily Ever After ending?

On September 29, 2021, Happily Ever After was formally decommissioned to make way for Disney Enchantment, a brand-new nighttime spectacular that launched yesterday, October 1, in celebration of Disney World’s 50th anniversary. Related: Magic Kingdom Replaces the Happily Ever After Poster with a New Show Thanks to Disney Many were excited to see what Disney had in store with Disney Enchantment, but the conclusion of Happily Ever After disappointed many fans.

  1. Unfortunately, now that fans have seen Disney Enchantment, disappointment has flooded the air, as the performance did not live up to their expectations.
  2. In light of this, a petition requesting Disney to bring back Happily Ever After has been circulating.
  3. Credit: Image courtesy of Disney Recent Disney Animated Films Will Be Presented in NEWEST Magic Kingdom Explosion The petition, which was launched by a fan on change.org, is currently being circulated across other social media sites.

The petition states that Disney has replaced the short-lived and fan-favorite fireworks display happily ever after with the new fireworks show enchantment. Fans are quite unhappy and dissatisfied with the new program, since it pales in comparison to happily ever after.

The 50th anniversary is supposed to make it even more spectacular, but this concert is far from that. Hopefully, if we raise enough awareness, Disney will bring back happily ever after! Thank you very much! And don’t forget to share!! To sign the petition, please click here. Thanks to Disney Inside the Magic will provide updates as they become available on whether or not Disney will bring back Happily Ever After.

Do you believe that Enchantment is superior to Happily Ever After? Please tell us in the comments! If you like to arrange a vacation to Disney World for the 50th anniversary, Academy Travel can assist you. Start by clicking on this link